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Biomimetic Synthesis

Biomimetic Group of NML has successfully developed

Magnetic and bioceramic nanoparticles and nanofluids

Three dimensional biomimetic nanocomposite scaffolds and

Biomimetic coatings on metallic surfaces

Our ongoing studies include

Development of self-setting injectable nanocomposite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

Nanofluids for biomedical/industrial applications

Biomimetic coatings of  calcium silicate and calcium phosphate coating on Ti substrate and development of Al-Si-Zr based alloys for biomedical applications .


Brazing Foils  

The Magnetics Group of the laboratory is designing and developing of Cu based brazing alloys by melt spinning technique after optimization of processing parameters and to characterize the SS-SS assembly brazed by the developed alloys.


Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloys 

Magnetic field induced reorientation of the twin structures occurs in a class of materials called Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloys (FSMAs). A well known NiMnGa FSMA, a promising actuator material is conventionally prepared by crystal growth technique that is not only expensive and time consuming but involves concern for defect free crystals. In the present program a rapid solidification route has been adopted whereby NiMnGa alloys have been prepared in the form of ribbons by melt spinning technique.


Nanostructured Advanced Materials

CSIR Network project on ‘Nanostructured Advanced Materials’ involves inter-related research on biomaterials, ceramic, composites and hard coatings, magnetic materials and structural materials. NML is collaborating with NAL, Bangalore, NCL, Pune, IMMT Bhubaneshwar, CGCRI Kolkata, CMERI Durgapur, CEERI Pilani and AMPRI Bhopal in executing the programme.


Development and forming of performance driven special steels

The Supra Institutional Project titled ‘Development and forming of performance driven special steels’ is a programme encompassing the different competencies of the laboratory. This is a project laying emphasis on networking within the laboratory and has as its deliverables: ultrahigh strength steels, high strength high formable steels, advanced joining and surface modification protocols, steel foams and virtual platforms for process and material optimization


Advanced Light Weight Metallic Materials for Engineering Applications

This program is a part of the Network project with AMPRI Bhopal as Nodal Agency. The main activities under this program are  i)  Development of high temperature creep resistant Mg-alloys for automotive applications, ii) Development of Amorphous light metallic alloys: Amorphous and nano-crystalline Al- based alloys have possessed high strength combined with good ductility, which are about 2 to 2.5 times more than that of conventional crystalline high-strength alloys iii) Aluminium foams, iv) Development of TiB2 coated electrode for Al extraction; v) Development and characterization of aluminide coating for Ti based alloys for compressor disc applications and vi) Ultra fine grained light metallic alloys


Self propagating high temperature synthesis (SHS)

Under this programme ZrB2, TiB2, Al2O3-ZrB2-TiB2 composites, ZrO2-ZrB2 composite, TiC, boride carbide composite have been prepared


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