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This program encompasses R&D activities related to briquetting, pelletization and sintering of iron ore fines. Normally briquetting is performed on coarser materials using binders and additives and is also carried out on fine concentrate for different minerals.

Conventional pelletisation of the concentrates from hematite and magnetite ores are routinely carried out. Other investigations include non-conventional pelletization of the concentrates while incorporating coal, dolomite, lime etc. and minimization of the bentonite dosage. Pre-heating and induration of the pellets through combustion of fuels is an integral part of this program.  

In this program significant activities are focused on conventional sintering of the ore fines at different basicity ranges and incorporation of blue dust and metallurgical wastes through sinter mix. Reducing the energy consumption, improvement in quality parameters and productivity are the targets in this program. Enhanced process of sintering to incorporate ultra-fines (concentrates) through micro-balling/pelletization followed by sintering is a strength area of NML in this program.           

Major Achievements

NML knowhow on agglomeration has helped several plants in the private & public sectors to fine tune their operations.  

Major Facilities

(i) Continuous Briquetting press, (ii) Bench & pilot scale pelletization unit, (iii) Pot sintering machine, (iv) Facilities for the measurement of physical and  physico-chemical parameters of the agglomerates like Shatter & Tumbler Indices,  RI, RDI, Softening & Melt down etc.



Facilities Available
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