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NML is engaged in the development of various alloys and processes encompassing a wide range of application areas in automotive and aerospace industries, power sectors, electronic industries, biomedical industries etc.  A wide range of alloys and processes have been developed that include Al- and Mg-alloys and composites for automotive applications, Fe-based alloys for magnetic application, ferromagnetic shape memory alloys, TWIP steel, high strength high formable steels for automotives, wear resistant steels for hydrogenerators, Al-, Fe-, Cu- and Zr-based amorphous and nanostructured materials, high strength Al-alloys by semisolid processing, Cu-alloys for high strength and high conductivity applications and brazing alloys for joining of stainless steels.


Major Activities

Synthesis of ferromagnetic shape memory alloys (NiMnGa based) by melt spinning

Copper alloys for high strength and high conductivity applications

Al-based amorphous alloys with good glass forming abilities combined with high strength and ductility,

High strength Al-alloys by semi-solid processing

Nanoquasicrystalline Al-Fe-Ti-Cr/V alloys for airframe and automotive applications

Al- and Mg-alloys and composites using conventional as well as rheocasting processes,

High temperature creep resistant Mg-alloys for automotive applications

Development of Silt erosion resistant materials for hydrogenerators

Development of High strength high formable steel for automobiles

Zr-based bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) and production of nanocrystalline composites through crystallization

Cu-based brazing alloy for stainless steel joining


Major Facilities

Melt spinning System under inert atmosphere, Differential Scanning Calorimeter, Vibrating sample magnetometer, Portable electrical conductivity meter, Controlled atmosphere resistance furnace (Max temperature 1200 C), Forging hammer and rolling mill, Resistance heating vacuum furnace (Max. temperature 800), Melting and casting furnace, Rheocasting set-up, Hard Material Cutter, High Temperature Rheometer,  Sliding wear testing machine, Cavitation erosion setup, Arc Melting furnace under inert atmosphere           


Facilities Available
National Metallurgical Laboratory
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