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Business Development and Monitoring Division
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Key Functions

Facilitate technology transfers

Collaboration and liaison with industries

Market research studies to ascertain techo-economic feasibility

Licensing innovations for business development and equitable benefit sharing with the innovators

Explore investment opportunities, set up mechanisms for , and, helping to promote and diffuse innovations.  

The planning, monitoring and evaluation of R&D projects

Intellectual Property Assets Management

Generate patinformatics reports in the area of metallurgy and material Sciences for the internal and external customers.

An on-line microstructural and fractographic image database of materials WikiMicroGraphia (M-Wiki) based on the Wiki (What I Know Is) principle, was initiated by NML as part of the open source philosophy of CSIR. WikiMicroGraphia is an effective collaboration platform for unifying meso-scale materials informatics.

Leveraging Knowledge  & Knowledge Networking

Material/property Database as a commodity, Marketing Available Open Source Materials Knowledge (Status Note/ Research opportunity reports/ etc) and Patinformatics report


Dr. A.Mitra, Chief Scientist  & Head Business Development and Monitoring Division Jamshedpur-831007, India        Tel & Fax:+91-657 2345220, 2345205  Email:





Facilities Available
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