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Key Mandates

Developing an Energy Efficient and Environmentally Benign Technological Option for Extraction of Metals from Low Grade & Complex Mineral and Waste Resources

Beneficiation of ores/Bio-remediation/Bio-reclamation of Metals from Waste Streams.


Finding more robust bioleaching organisms and understanding and monitoring the impact of bioleaching conditions and mineralogy on microbial performance with the aim of  identifying and promoting those conditions within an ore bed that are conducive to microbial growth and activity.

Major Achievements

Bioleaching of copper from copper converter slag

Bioprocessing for treating Zn tailings/ Complex/Lean ores

Selective bio-dissolution of Ni from copper concentrates

Bio-leaching of Indian Ocean nodules by different microbes

Bio-leaching of copper from low grade Indian ores

Bio-beneficiation of chromite ores

Bio-leaching of uranium from low grade Indian ores

Bioremediation of chromium from tannery effluents

Major Facilities

Centrifuge   Laminar Air Flow Device,  B.O.D.Incubator, Shaker-Incubators, Gel Electrophoresis Unit,  Sonicator,  Uv Spectrophotmeter, Fluorimeter, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Lab-Scale Column Leaching Set-Up






Facilities Available
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