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Activities in this area are focused towards providing industrial research solutions to a wide range of corrosion related issues


Domain expertise

High temperature corrosion

Modeling high temperature corrosion

High temperature corrosion experiments under simulated gas atmospheres 

Aqueous corrosion and prevention

Pitting corrosion


Galvanic corrosion

Development of inhibitors

Wide range of coatings development including PVD, CVD, thermal and plasma spray



Major Achievements

During the last 2-3 years, NML has helped to reduce the losses of zinc during galvanizing and improvement in quality of produced coatings in a number of galvanizing industries. Plant studies  showed that more than 35% of the total consumed zinc was wasted in the form of by products. 20-25% of wasted zinc could be saved by providing proper inputs to the plant resulting in several hundred tons of saving.  NML proposes to undertake similar studies for other galvanizers so that they can increase utilization factor of zinc which has limited natural resources in our country and is also  expensive. 


Major Facilities

For  industrial consultancy, a battery of portable instruments are available for onsite evaluations:   XRF,  pH meter, thermometer,  conductivity meter,  salinity meter,   gravity meter,  flux analyzer,  reflectivity meter,  thickness meter,  micro volt meter fitted with electrodes and sensors, chemical kits especially developed for on the spot study. Lab facilities include depth analysis by using Micro Raman spectrometer, image analyzer, impedance system, salt spray exposure tests, humidity tests and ultra violet radiation tests.  



Facilities Available
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