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Over the last two decades, NML has contributed significantly in developing innovative solutions towards cost effective and safe utilization of industrial solid wastes from metallurgical and allied industries. NML has state of the art facilities  and expertise in the area of characterization of wastes, preprocessing such as classification and mechanical activation, analysing the suitability of wastes for specific application, process and product development from wastes as well as testing and evaluation of product properties developed from wastes.  

Over 130 million tons fly ash is generated annually and has great potential as resource material for developing value added products. Various products developed at NML using fly ash are wear resistant ceramics, ceramic floor and wall tiles, synthetic granite tiles, blended cement and geopolymer paving blocks and tiles. The following figure gives a picture of activities carried out in the area of fly ash utilization.

Major Achievements

Wear Resistant Ceramics:

5 square feet size tiles to be put in pipelines of Tuticorin power plant for actual evaluation.

Geopolymer pavement tiles:

Developed at NML using fly ash as main raw material. These tiles exhibit high strength and are ready to use in one week. Based on the merit of this work, Fly Ash Unit, Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India granted a project to NML to translate this process into technology by setting up a 3 tons/day capacity pilot plant. Once it is developed at pilot scale, the technology will be ready for commercialization. We are looking for industrial participation for this development.    

Major Facilities

Particle characterization facilities such as laser particle size analyzer, zeta meter, BET surface area analyzer, Rheometer, Isothermal conduction calorimeter,

Mechanical activation devices such as attrition mill, jet mill, eccentric vibratory mill, planetary mill

Ceramic, cement & geopolymer processing facility such as ball mill, hydraulic press, airless dryer, curing chamber, humidity cabinet, high temperature furnaces

Thermomechanical characterization using TG/DTA, Hot MOR, Creep and Thermal Conductivity testing facility  








Facilities Available
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