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Nickel sulphate produced from spent nickel catalyst

Nickel sulphate produced from spent nickel catalyst
Nickle Sulphate from Spent Nickle Catalyst

Hydrometallurgical Research at NML encompasses the strategy for developing an energy efficient and environmentally benign technological option for extraction of metals from low grade ores, complex minerals and waste resources. Aligned unit operations in  beneficiation of ores, remediation/reclamation of metals from waste streams are also promoted. In view of the depletion of high grade ore deposits, it is necessary to recover metals from low grade raw materials and secondaries. However, appropriate technologeis are wanting


Treatment and recycling of various wastes/ secondaries

Developed many energy efficient and environmental friendly processes for extraction of metals from various lean ores, concentrates, tailings, dusts, slags, dross, spent catalysts, residues, spent batteries, electronic wastes,  pickle liquors, spent electrolyte/bleed solution, etc.

Recent Thrusts

Development of hydro(bio-) metallurgical technological  processes to recover various metals such as Cu, Ni, Co, Zn, U, Sn, Cd, Mo, V, W, Pb, Sb, As, Ag, Au, Se from various resources.

Use several microbial species for enhanced recovery of valuables from low tenor mineral resources.  

Major Achievements  

Copper and nickel powder from copper bleed solution

Copper powder from various solid waste containing copper

Recovery of zinc from zinc concentrate, zinc dross/residue

Recovery of nickel as nickel sulphate and ferronickel from spent nickel catalyst

Recovery of Cu,Ni,Co from sea nodules by reduction roasting and ammoniacal leaching

Recovery of valuable metals from sea nodules by reduction smelting-matte formation-ammoniacal pressure leaching-hydrothermal reduction route

Molybdenum and vanadium recovery from spent HDS catalyst

Uniform submicron size monodispersed iron oxide (hematite) from waste chloride pickle liquor/iron containing waste

Nano size manganese zinc ferrite from spent pickle liquor of steel industries

Process for synthesis of non metallurgical grade aluminum oxide/oxy-hydroxide

Recovery of lead from lead containing residues, Recovery of Pb and Sn from the liberated resin of PCBs swelled by organic

Processing of spent nickel cadmium batteries, Precious and other metal recovery from electronic wastes

Selective reduction of copper, nickel, cobalt to produce high pure metal powder

Recovery of tungsten from alloy scraps

Vanadium recovery from vanadium sludge

Lead recovery from spent lead acid batteries

Gold recovery from dore furnace lining

Electrolytic and Chemical manganese dioxide from low/high grade Mn ore

Recovery of nickel and chromium from stainless steel pickling bath

Biorecovery of copper from copper converter slag

Bioprocessing for treating Zn tailings/ Complex/Lean ores

Selective bio-dissolution of Ni from copper concentrates

Bio-leaching for recovery of Cu, Ni, Co, Mn from Indian Ocean nodules

Bio-leaching of copper from low grade Indian ores

Bio-leaching of uranium from low grade Indian ores

Bioremediation of chromium from tannery effluents, Bio-beneficiation of chromite ores  

Major Facilities

Continuous counter current solvent extraction facilities,   0.45L, 1.0L, 1.5L, 2.0L, 7.5L and 50L Autoclaves, MicroSYNTH Lab Station, Auto-controller magnetic hot plates, High resolution microscope (TM-1000), Carbon coater, sputter coater, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers, Moisture analyzer and Drying ovens, 0.5L to 500L leaching reactor, 2L Bioreactor, 1.0L to 500 L Electrowinning facilities, UV Visible spectrophotometers, Table top FT-IR with diamond ATR, Fluorimeter, Ion exchange columns, Sparkler filter press 2-20 kg, Vertical retort furnace, High temperature muffle furnace, 50 kVA Electric Arc Furnace, Phase Contrast Microscope with Image Analysis Software, Preparative Analytical Ultra Centrifuge, Small-to-Large Shaker Incubators,  Sonicator, Column Leaching Facility

Glass reactor Autoclave Column Leaching Facility Horizontal Steam Sterilise Phase Contrast Microscope Shaker-Incubator Shaker-Incubator

Ammonia Stripping Unit

100 kg /day ammoniacal leaching plant
Facilities Available
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