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 Major Facilities

Analytical Facilities

X-Ray Fluorescence, Direct Reading Spectrophotometer,  Proximate Analyzer, CS Determinator,  Reflectance Mode UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometer, Portable XRF Spectrometer, Fluorescence Spectrophotometer,  Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Bomb Calorimeter, X-ray Analytical Microscope,

Raw Material Characterization  

Reducibility, Thermal Degradation, Softening Characterization, Linder Test Apparatus, Ash Fusion Furnace  

Corrosion and Electrochemical testing

Salt Spray Test chamber, Stress Corrosion testing, Inhibitor testing, Portable Electrochemical System, Potentiostats, Sensitization tests

Material Characterization  

Optical Microscope,  Scanning Electron Microscope with Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy, Electron Probe Microanazyser, EBSD, Transmission Electron Microscope, Atomic Force Microscope, Differential Thermal Analyser, Differential Thermal Gravimetry,  Pneumatic, Thermal, and Electrical Properties Measurement, Portable skid resistance tester; Fade-O-Meter-for-tiles, Magnetic Barkhausen Emission Analyzer, Differential Scanning calorimeter

Non-Destructive Evaluation

Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, Acoustic Emission, Portable Hardness Tester, Magna-Flux, In-situ Metallographiy, Spectrum Analyzer, Ultrasonic C-scan system, Eddy current separator, Ultrasonic system with Time of Flight Diffraction, Dual frequency multi-channel Eddy current test system

Mechanical Properties Evaluation

Creep,  Tensile/Bending Fatigue, Impact, Tension-Torsion, High strain rate system, mechanical testing - hardness, microhardness, nanohardness


Temperature (up to 1200˚C, Pressure (Pneumatic: up to 10 bar Hydraulic up to 25 bar). (i) Electric Parameters (+ 1000V; +10A; 30mohm)   

Mineral Beneficiation

Hydrocyclone, Perm Roll Magnetic Separator, Bartlex-Mozley Unit, Flotation Cell, Particle Size Analyzer, Image Analyzer, Mineral Microstructure Characterization and Mechanical Behaviour, Planetary Mono Mill


Submerged Arc Furnace, Rotary Kiln, other Melting Units (Arc, Induction, Resistance Furnaces), Vacuum Furnace.       

Materials Shaping

Rolling Mill, Forging Unit, Wire Drawing Unit, Extrusion Press.  


CFD Codes, Phoenix, Fluent, FEM Codes (ANSYS & ABACUS), Numerical scientific softwares: Mathematica, NAG Library, PARAM 10000 with Adv. Version of Pheonix with parallel processing features, dedicated Server: email internet, LAN, Gateway, Thermo-Calc, STATISTICA, MATLAB Software with Modules, Factsage

Materials Processing

 Pulsed Plasma Ion Nitriding System, Laser processing system, Single dip-coater, Spin Coater, Surface nano-crystallization equipment,  Vibration casting machine, Low Pressure Glass Reactor, Autoclaves, Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour deposition, Co-sputtering

Testing and Analytical Facilities

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