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Major Developments

High strength Al-alloys by semi-solid processing: Modification of  dendritic structure  to nearly globular one by stirring the alloy in between the solidus and liquidus temperatures (rheocasting).  The alloys were further processed through Strain-induced melt-activation to achieve better mechanical properties.                                                     

Aluminum alloy matrix composite plates for defense applications: secondary processing of Al-SiC composite plates were carried out by forging and rolling techniques. The problem of edge cracking and failure of composites was solved to a large extent by optimizing the homogenization and heat treatment schedules.  

Thermo-mechanical treatment for TWIP and TRIP steels

Closed cell steel and aluminum foams  for  automotive and non-load bearing structural applications: The aim of this program is to develop sandwich foams, foam filled tubes and small size foam elements employing powder metallurgy technique using non-conventional foaming agents and additives to achieve uniform and large size pores.



Major Facilities

Resistance heating vacuum furnace (Max. temperature 800)





Al-alloy foams
Facilities Available
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