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NML has state-of-the art microstructural characterization facilities, with its arsenal of various types optical microscopes, electron microscopes (SEM, TEM, FEG SEM), auger spectroscope, electron probe microanalyzer, various XRD instruments, and atom force microscopes.

Major Achievements

Industrial problem solving, failure analysis and metallurgical investigations of a large number of components from various external agencies, like Indian Air Force, Power plants, petrochemicals, multinationals, steel companies, etc

RLA of various plant components

Development of nano/ultra fine grained materials

Stretch zone measurements and correlations with fracture toughness

Fractal quantification of microstructural images

Three dimensional visualization of fracture surfaces

Orientation imaging and texture determination of processed materials

Microstructural correlations with physical, chemical, mechanical and electrochemical properties 


Major Facilities

Various optical microscope with image analyzer, Integrated SEM-EBSD-EDX Systems, FEG-SEM, SEM, EPMA, ESCA-Auger System, AFM, XRD, TEM (200 kV) with EDS



Facilities Available
National Metallurgical Laboratory
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