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Materials Science and Technology Division


Major On-going programmes  

Life extension of  aircrafts, Helicopters, aeroengines, & Tail rotor blade of Helicopter, Corrosion prevention program of aircrafts, Study on the problem areas of aeroengines. Development of life extension methodology of main landing gears of   aircrafts, Development of rejuvenation protocol for aeroengine gas turbine blades, Aircraft failure/Accident investigation for IAF, Developed and executed training programs, R&D impetus to the indigenisation of non-critical components   Creep property validation of modified P91- For PFBR, Validation of physical and creep properties of Kaveri Engine material For LCA aircraft, Influence of saline environment on stress rupture life  & LCF behavior of material in Kaveri Marine Gas Turbine Engine  Material, Fatigue-ratchetting behavior of SA333Gr. carbon steel and 304LN stainless steel  - For primary heat transport piping of PHWR, Fatigue, fracture behavior of dissimilar metal weld joints of 304LNSS and SA 508 steel For primary heat transport piping PHWR, Thermal behavior of brake pads & piston insulators of LCA ,Thermal behavior of C-C composites & silica-phenolic composites of Nose Tip of Re-entry Vehicles.

Technologies Developed

Portable Stress Strain Measuring System - Automated Ball Indentation Technique: DAE, IOC; Rejuvenation of hot-gas path components of gas turbine: NTPC; Biphasic calcium phosphate nano-bio ceramic for dental and orthopedic : Eucare Pharma; Biomimetic nanobioceramics for bone graft : Eucare Pharma; A Biomimetic process for the synthesis of aqueous ferro-fluids : TATA STEEL (Proposed experimentation in cooling system); A prototype for production of continuous metallic glass ribbon ; A magnetic sensing device for the NDE of steel structures or components; Fabrication of tailored hardness nano-composite coating with low coefficient of friction  

International Collaborations

Biomimetic Hydroxyapatite Coating on Zr-based Biocompatible Alloys: UK-India Education & Research Initiatives; Al-Si-Zr Alloy based Material for Biomedical Applications: Indo-Bulgaria; In-situ Synthesis of Metallic & Intermetallic Nanoparticles for biomedical Applications: Indo-Bulgaria; Bio Materials for Health Care: Indo-US Science & Technology Forum; Stability of structure and magnetic properties of nanostructured alloys produced by rapid solidification technique: Indo- Russian project; Evaluation of microstructural changes in steel used in petrochemical industry using Magnetic techniques: Indo-Ukraine

Major Facilities

TEM, SEM (3), EPMA, SPM/AFM, XPS/UPS/AES, XRD (3), Residual Stress Analyzer (2), Metallography, Confocal Microscopy, Tension-Torsion, High Strain Rate Mechanical Testing Units, Creep, Fatigue, EMR Fatigue, Nano-Indentation, Automated Ball Indentation, Micro & Macro Hardness and  LTI-Impact Testing Systems, DTA/TGA, DSC, Thermal Electrical Resistivity, Thermal Diffusivity & Conductivity, Vibrating Sample Magnetometer,  AC Hysteresis Loop, Plasma, CVD, PVD, e-Beam, DC/RF Sputtering, HVOF, Thermal Spray & SHS Coating Systems, Melt Spinning, Electro Spinning Systems,  Wire Caster, Arc Melting, HV Brazing, Heat Treatment Furnaces, HIP, CIP, Acoustic Emission, High Power High Frequency Non-Linear Ultrasonic, TOFD/Phased Array, C-scan, EMAT, Thermography, MBE, Eddy Current and Impedance Analyzer. Radiography

Dr.S.Tarafder, Scientist G & Head
Material Science & Technology Division Jamshedpur-831007, India Tel & Fax: +91-657-2345289 / 2345166
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