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A non-destructive evaluation centre has been established at National Metallurgical Laboratory (NML) with partial funding from Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India. The Centre has a wide range of Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE) systems including acoustic emission, electromagnetic/magnetic techniques, thermography, ultrasonic and x-ray radiography for pursuing focused application oriented research. Development of NDE sensors and techniques for specialised applications form an integral part of the centre activities. It also provides training on advanced NDE to various industries on a regular basis. The objectives of the centre are (i) to carry out R&D on NDE fundamentals(ii) to provide Consultancy and Services and (iii) to organise Training Programmes related to non-destructive evaluation of materials. The R&D activities of the Centre are currently  focused in the following major areas:

Acoustic emission

Electromagnetic/ Magnetic


Ultrasonic & advanced ultrasonic

X-ray Radiography

Sensor development

The main emphasis is on the development tools and techniques to extract maximum information on the health of the components from the signals and images recorded during investigations. The Training Activities of the Centre focuses on high level value added applications of emerging tools and techniques. Training is provided through either tailor made courses for an organization or through regular courses. Seminar and workshop are organized to educate people about the recent trends of NDE. Such courses/ seminar/ workshop maintain a high standard and target the middle and the top level managers of various organizations.

Major Achievements

Expertise and facility have been created for structural health monitoring, remaining life assessment, and microstructural characterization through non destructive techniques

 Major Facilities

(1) High, low  frequency and conventional ultrasonic systems, (2) Ultrasonic C-scan system, (3) Phased array ultrasonic system, (4) Time of flight diffraction (TOFD), (5) System for the study of non-linear acoustic phenomena (SNAP), (6) Multi-channel acoustic emission system, (7)  Magnetic Barkhaussen emission system, (8) Eddy current system, (9) X-ray residual stress measurement system, (10) Infrared thermography and, (11) Real time radiography.



Facilities Available
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