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Current Research Focuses on minimization of foundry pollution and remediation of Arsenic Pollution in Groundwater. NML developed Cokeless cupola and field tested to meet pollution control norms in India 

Cokeless Cupola

NML’s ecofriendly cupola technology aims to improve the quality of environment around the Taj Trapezium and prevent degradation of the Taj Mahal. Technology developed and   demonstrated  @ 3t/hr units at Agra. 


Pollution Mitigation in Groundwater

NML has jointly developed the “In-situ treatment technology for remediation of arsenic contaminated groundwater” in West Bengal in collaboration with the Queen's University, Belfast, UK [Project Coordinator] and other EC TIPOT project partners (  The technology is unique as it is "chemical free and sludge free" and the entire treatment takes place in the aquifer itself. The technology has been very successful and has been replicated in six places in West Bengal through funding from the World Bank (Development Marketplace 2006 Programme) using the help of Ramakrishna Vivekananda Mission (RKVM), Kolkata. Six plants for community water supply were set up in two districts of West Bengal with the World Bank grant and each plant has been supplying arsenic free drinking water to more than 500 people. All these plants have successfully achieved the WHO norm (less than 10 ppb) for arsenic in drinking water. [Project website,]  Recently, Blacksmith Institute, New York and Green Cross, Switzerland has selected this technology as one of the "12 Cases of Clean-up and Success" worldwide in their 2009 report. More details in the website :                     

NML has developed a process for arsenic and iron removal that can work at both at domestic and community level. The domestic level unit has been field tested. The process is ready for commercialization and business enquiries are solicited.

 NML has also developed a process for the removal of fluoride from groundwater. The process is ready for commercialization and business enquiries are solicited. NML has completed an extensive water quality survey in Sahebgunj district of Jharkhand for four major water quality parameters such as arsenic, fluoride, iron and nitrate. Latitude and longitude based maps also have been developed for these parameters. This database has been shared with Government of Jharkhand and many remedial measures have been taken based on these results. NML is a partner in the CSIR-DAE programme on safe drinking water in which NML’s arsenic and iron removal filter will be installed at 1000 points in the state of Jharkhand and adjoining areas with an aim to develop a self sustaining business model.

Major Facilities

Modular Ion Chromatograph, Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, Anodic Stripping Voltammeter, Auto-Titrator,  Automated Water Analyzer, Particle Size Analyzer with Auto Titrator, Ion Chromatograph, Toc/Tic Analyzer, LC-MS/MS (Triple Quadrupole)  

Facilities Available
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