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Various types of modeling techniques including, Physical, Mathematical, Pilot plant and Data based models are used to simulate the metallurgical processes, including mineral processing, iron making, steelmaking, non-ferrous materials processing, metal forming, heat treatment, etc.    

Major Achievements

Optimization and Design simulations of metal forming operations (Forging and Rolling) and Heat treatment of High performance steels

Thermodynamic modeling and simulation of  smelting of polymetallic sea nodules

Water modeling of continuous casting tundish for mini steel plant to evaluate flow visualization and RTD

Physical and mathematical simulation of metallurgical vessels for optimizing the process parameters for enhancing the mixing

Application of fractals to fractographs for the prediction of toughness of steels

Use of fuzzy logic methods to predict hardness of heat treated steels

Prediction of Forming Limit Diagram (FLD) for different  grades of steel

Monte carlo simulation for prediction of grain growth kinetics in steels

 Software developed

"HYDROSIM -  a GUI based computer software for evaluation of performance of hydrocyclones, “PSMIS"  -  a  software for computerization of materials database    

Major Facilities

PARAM super computer along with numerous latest configurations of Dual-core and Quad core workstations.  Software: CFD Softwares – Phoenics & FLUENT Solvers for PDEs - Diffpack Kernel, IMSL C & Fortran libraries, FEM Softwares - ANSYS – Multiphysics, ABAQUS & DEFORM – 3D (Forming & Heat Treatment), CGM Software - EDEM – Discrete Element Method, Thermodynamics & Kinetics – FACTSAGE & THERMOCALC, Statistical softwares – SPSS, Systat and Statistica, Other utility softwares - MATLAB, AutoCAD, DELPHI, Visual Studio 8.0, Oracle, and PLC base virtual process simulator

Facilities Available
National Metallurgical Laboratory
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