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1 Abhilash, Mehta K.D., Kumar V., Pandey B.D., Tamrakar P.K. Bioleaching - An alternate uranium ore processing technology for India Energy Procedia 7   158 162 3.565
2 Abhilash, Pandey B.D. Role of ferric ions in bioleaching of uranium from low tenor Indian ore Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly 50 2 102 112 0.4
3 Abhilash, Revati K., Pandey B.D. Microbial synthesis of iron-based nanomaterials - A review Bulletin of Materials Science 34 2 191 198 0.944
4 Abhilash, Venkat Raman R., Mehta K.D., Pandey B.D. Isolation and growth kinetic studies of novel isolates from Indian Ocean nodules Indian Journal of Marine Sciences 40 5 648 652 0.204
5 Agrawal A., Kumari S., Sahu K.K. Studies on solvent extraction of iron(iii) as a step for conversion of a waste effluent to a value added product Journal of Environmental Management 92 12 3105 3111 2.596
6 Alex T.C., Kumar R., Roy S.K., Mehrotra S.P. Anomalous reduction in surface area during mechanical activation of boehmite synthesized by thermal decomposition of gibbsite Powder Technology 208 1 128 136 1.887
7 Alex T.C., Sasi Kumar C., Kailath A.J., Kumar R., Roy S.K., Mehrotra S.P. Analysis of mechanically induced reactivity of boehmite using kinetics of boehmite to γ-Al2O3 transformation Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B: Process Metallurgy and Materials Processing Science 42 3 592 603 0.974
8 Aman N., Mishra T., Hait J., Jana R.K. Simultaneous photoreductive removal of copper (II) and selenium (IV) under visible light over spherical binary oxide photocatalyst Journal of Hazardous Materials 186 1 360 366 3.723
9 Balusamy T., Kumar S., Sankara Narayanan T.S.N. Electrochemical Behaviour of Surface Modified AISI 304 Grade Stainless Steel in Ringer's Solution Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals 64 4-5 507 511 0.093
10 Bhaskar Raju G., Keerthi R., Latha S.S., Prabhakar S. Degradation of dyes by UV/O3/H2O2 and electrooxidation techniques Water Practice and Technology 6 2     1.005
11 Bhattacharya M. Chemical synthesis and characterization of nickel powder Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B: Process Metallurgy and Materials Processing Science 42 2 380 384 0.974
12 Bhattacharya S., Mallik D., Nayar S. Comparative study of biomimetic iron oxides synthesized using microwave induced and conventional method IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 47 6 PA 1647 1652 1.052
13 Bhattacharyya A.S., Mishra S.K. Micro/nanomechanical behavior of magnetron sputtered Si-C-N coatings through nanoindentation and scratch tests Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 21 1 15011   2.281
14 Bui Q.V., Nam N.D., Yoon J.W., Choi D.H., Kar A., Kim J.G., Jung S.B. Effect of gold on the corrosion behavior of an electroless nickel/immersion gold surface finish Journal of Electronic Materials 40 9 1937 1942 1.421
15 Chakraborty J., Kumar K., Ranjan R., Chowdhury S.G., Singh S.R. Thickness-dependent fcc-hcp phase transformation in polycrystalline titanium thin films Acta Materialia 59 7 2615 2623 3.781
16 Chatterjee Aveek , Srikanth S., Sanyal Suchismita, Anand K. and Subramaniam P.R. Kinetic Modeling of High Temperature Oxidation of Ni-base Alloys Computational Materials Science 50 3 811 819 1.458
17 Chennakesavulu K., Basariya M.R., Sreedevi P., Bhaskar Raju G., Prabhakar S., Rao S.S. Study on thermal decomposition of calix[4]arene and its application in thermal stability of polypropylene Thermochimica Acta 515 01-Feb 24 31 1.899
18 Chennakesavulu K., Raviathul Basariya M., Bhaskar Raju G., Prabhakar S. Study on thermal decomposition of calix[6]arene and calix[8]arene Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 103 3 853 862 1.752
19 Chi Dac Tran, Jae-Chun Lee, Banshi Dhar Pandey, Jinki Jeong, Kyoungkeun Yoo & Trung Hai Huynh Bacterial cyanide generation in presence of metal ions and gold bioleaching from waste PCBs Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan 44 10 692 700 0.442
20 Chi, Tran D.; Lee, Jae-chun; Pandey, B. D.; Yoo, Kyoungkeun; Jeong, Jinki Bioleaching of gold and copper from waste mobile phone PCBs by using a cyanogenic bacterium Minerals Engineering 24 11 1219 1222 1.241
21 Chowdhury S.G., Gubicza J., Mahato B., Chinh N.Q., Hegeds Z., Langdon T.G. Texture evolution during room temperature ageing of silver processed by equal-channel angular pressing Scripta Materialia 64 11 1007 1010 2.806
22 Das A., Chakraborti P.C., Tarafder S., Bhadeshia H.K.D.H. Analysis of deformation induced martensitic transformation in stainless steels Materials Science and Technology 27 1 366 370 0.705
23 Das A., Singh R., Bhattacharyya K.K. Split processing of high ash Indian coking coal fines using Jameson flotation cell Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Review 32 1 17 23 0.611
24 Das A., Sivaprasad S., Chakraborti P.C., Tarafder S. Connection between deformation-induced dislocation substructures and martensite formation in stainless steel Philosophical Magazine Letters 91 10 664 675 1.262
25 Das A., Tarafder S., Chakraborti P.C. Estimation of deformation induced martensite in austenitic stainless steels Materials Science and Engineering A 529 1 9 20 2.101
26 Das M., Das G. Role of dynamic precipitation on the strengthening mechanism of cryorolled 6063 Al alloy Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals 64 01-Feb 75 79 0.049
27 Das S.K. Application of a stochastic modelling framework to characterize the influence of different oxide scales on the solid particle erosion behaviour of boiler grade steel Sadhana - Academy Proceedings in Engineering Sciences 36 4 425 440 0.279
28 Das S.K., Kumari A., Bandopadhay D., Akbar S.A., Mondal G.K. A mathematical model to characterise effects of liquid hold-up on bosh silicon transport in the dripping zone of a blast furnace Applied Mathematical Modelling 35 9 4208 4221 1.502
29 Das, Arpan; Sivaprasad, S.; Chakraborti, P. C.; Tarafder, S. Morphologies and characteristics of deformation induced martensite during low cycle fatigue behaviour of austenitic stainless steel Materials Science and Engineering A-Structural Materials Properties Microstructure and Processing 528 27 7909 7914 2.101
30 Dhal, Biswaranjan; Das, Nigama Nanda; Pandey, Banshi Dhar; Thatoi, Hrudaya Nath Environmental Quality of the Boula-Nuasahi Chromite Mine Area in India Mine Water and the Environment 30 3 191 196 1.039
31 Dlouhy I., Tarafder M., Hadraba H. Micromechanical aspects of transgranular and intergranular failure competition Key Engineering Materials: Materials Structure & Micromechanics of Fracture VI 465 Jan 399 402 1
32 Gangopadhyay, A. K.; Sahoo, K. L.; Kelton, K. F. Importance of solute-solute interactions on glass formability Philosophical Magazine 91 17 2186 2199 1.302
33 Ghosh M., Kumar K., Mishra R.S. Friction stir lap welded advanced high strength steels: Microstructure and mechanical properties Materials Science and Engineering A 528 28 8111 8119 2.101
34 Ghosh S., Sahu R.K., Raj C.R. Shape-regulated high yield synthesis of electrocatalytically active branched Pt nanostructures for oxygen reduction and methanol oxidation reactions Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 32 11973 11980 5.1
35 Gopala Krishna K., Singh N., Venkateswarlu K., Hari Kumar K.C. Tensile behavior of ultrafine-grained Al-4Zn-2Mg alloy produced by cryorolling Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 20 9 1569 1574 0.639
36 Guha A., Sinha A. Surface mineralization of hydrogels through octacalcium phosphate International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology 8 3 540 546 1.28
37 Gupta S., Webster T.J., Sinha A. Evolution of PVA gels prepared without crosslinking agents as a cell adhesive surface Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine 22 7 1763 1772 2.325
38 Hoang Long Le; Jeong, Jinki; Lee, Jae-Chun; Pandey, Banshi D.; Yoo, Jae-Min; Trung Hai Huyunh Hydrometallurgical Process for Copper Recovery from Waste Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) MINERAL PROCESSING AND EXTRACTIVE METALLURGY REVIEW 32 2 90 104 0.611
39 Hore S., Ghosh R.N. Computer simulation of the high temperature creep behaviour of Cr-Mo steels Materials Science and Engineering A 528 19-20 6095 6102 2.101
40 Humane M.M., Minj R.K., Peshwe D.R., Paretkar R.K. Texture and formability of one-step and two-step cold-rolled and annealed interstitial free high-strength steel sheets Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A: Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science 42 6 1692 1708 1.721
41 Jamesh M., Kumar S., Sankara Narayanan T.S.N. Effect of Thermal Oxidation on Corrosion Resistance of Commercially Pure Titanium in Acid Medium Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance     1 7 0.639
42 Jamesh M., Kumar S., Sankara Narayanan T.S.N. Corrosion behavior of commercially pure Mg and ZM21 Mg alloy in Ringer's solution - Long term evaluation by EIS Corrosion Science 53 2 645 654 3.261
43 Jena B.K., Sahu S.C., Satpati B., Sahu R.K., Behera D., Mohanty S. A facile approach for morphosynthesis of Pd nanoelectrocatalysts Chemical Communications 47 13 3796 3798 5.787
44 Jha M.K., Choubey P., Kumari A., Kumar R., Kumar V., Lee J.-C. Leaching of lead from solder material used in electrical and electronic equipment TMS Annual Meeting     25 31 1.485
45 Jha M.K., Kumar A., Kumar V., Lee J.-C. Prospective scenario of E-waste recycling in India TMS Annual Meeting     73 80 1.485
46 Jha M.K., Lee J.-C., Kumari A., Choubey P.K., Kumar V., Jeong J. Pressure leaching of metals from waste printed circuit boards using sulfuric acid Journal of Metal (JOM) 63 8 29 32 0.862
47 Kailath A.J., Dutta K., Alex T.C., Mitra A. Crystallization Study of Cu56Zr7Ti37 Metallic Glass by Electrical Resistivity Measurement Journal of Materials Science and Technology 27 3 275 279 0.759
48 Kaloshkin S., Churyukanova M., Zadorozhnyi V., Shchetinin I., Roy R.K. Curie temperature behaviour at relaxation and nanocrystallization of Finemet alloys Journal of Alloys and Compounds 509 Supp. S400 S403 2.134
49 Kim E.-Y., Kim M.-S., Lee J.-C., Jeong J., Pandey B.D. Leaching kinetics of copper from waste printed circuit boards by electro-generated chlorine in HCl solution Hydrometallurgy 107 03-Apr 124 132 1.917
50 Kim E.-Y., Kim M.-S., Lee J.-C., Pandey B.D. Selective recovery of gold from waste mobile phone PCBs by hydrometallurgical process Journal of Hazardous Materials 198   206 215 3.723
51 Kumar K.S., Biswas K., Balasubramaniam R. Mechanism of film growth of pulsed electrodeposition of nanocrystalline copper in presence of thiourea Journal of Nanoparticle Research 13 11 6005 6012 3.253
52 Kumar M., Awasthi R., Pramanick A.K., Singh R.N. New ternary mixed oxides of Fe, Ni and Mo for enhanced oxygen evolution International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 36 20 12698 12705 4.053
53 Kumar S., Kumar R. Mechanical activation of fly ash: Effect on reaction, structure and properties of resulting geopolymer Ceramics International 37 2 533 541 1.471
54 Kumar S., Sankara Narayanan T.S.N. Evaluation of corrosion behaviour of Ti-25Mo alloy in chloride medium Journal of Applied Electrochemistry 41 1 123 127 1.496
55 Kumar, B. Ravi; Sharma, Sailaja; Mahato, B. Formation of ultrafine grained microstructure in the austenitic stainless steel and its impact on tensile properties Materials Science and Engineering A-Structural Materials Properties Microstructure and Processing 528 6 2209 2216 2.101
56 Lee J.-C., Kim E.-Y., Kim J.-H., Kim W., Kim B.-S., Pandey B.D. Recycling of WC-Co hardmetal sludge by a new hydrometallurgical route International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials 29 3 365 371 1..575
57 Mallik D., Mir A., Bhattacharya S., Nayar S. Fluorimetric assay of interaction of protein with ferrofluids Spectrochimica Acta - Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 78 1 332 336 1.77
58 Mandal G.K., Das S.K., Balasubramaniam R., Mehrotra S.P. Evolution of microstructures of galvanised and galvannealed coatings formed in 0Â2 wt-% aluminium-zinc bath Materials Science and Technology 27 8 1265 1270 0.705
59 Mishra D., Srivastava R.R., Sahu K.K., Singh T.B., Jana R.K. Leaching of roast-reduced manganese nodules in NH3-(NH 4)2CO3 medium Hydrometallurgy 109 03-Apr 215 220 1.917
60 Mishra S.K., Khusboo, Sherbakov V.A. Fabrication of in-situ Ti-Si-C fine grained composite by the self propagating high temperature synthesis (SHS) process International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials 29 2 209 213 1..575
61 Mishra, T.; Mahato, M.; Aman, Noor; Patel, J. N.; Sahu, R. K. A mesoporous WN co-doped titania nanomaterial with enhanced photocatalytic aqueous nitrate removal activity under visible light CATALYSIS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 1 4 609 615 0.553
62 Mitra A., Roy R.K., Mahato B., Panda A.K., Vlasak G., Janickovic D., Svec Sr. P. Development of FeSiB/CoSiB bilayered melt-spun ribbon melt-spinning technique Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism 24 01-Feb 611 615 1.014
63 Mukherjee K., Prakash S. Cold Simulation of momentum transfer of a metal droplet falling through slag systems possessing net-work structured fluids Chemical Engineering Science 66 6 1027 1037 2.379
64 Mukherjee R., Sahu T., Sen S., Sahu P. Structural and microstructural evolution due to increasing Co substitution in Ni1-xCoxFe2O4: An X-ray diffraction study using the Rietveld method Materials Chemistry and Physics 128 3 365 370 2.353
65 Mukhopadhyay N.K., Ali F., Srivastava V.C., Yadav T.P., Sakaliyska M., Surreddi K.B., Scudino S., Uhlenwinkel V., Eckert J. Strain-induced structural transformation of single-phase Al-Cu-Fe icosahedral quasicrystal during mechanical milling Philosophical Magazine 91 19-21 2482 2490 1.302
66 Murthy G.V.S., Das G., Das S.K., Parveen N., Singh S.R. Hardbanding failure in a heavy weight drill pipe Engineering Failure Analysis 18 5 1395 1402 0.765
67 Murugananthan M., Latha S.S., Bhaskar Raju G., Yoshihara S. Role of electrolyte on anodic mineralization of atenolol at boron doped diamond and Pt electrodes Separation and Purification Technology 79 1 56 62 2.774
68 Muthukumar M., Govindaraj M., Muthusamy A., Raju G.B. Comparative study of electrocoagulation and electrooxidation processes for the degradation of ellagic acid from aqueous solution Separation Science and Technology 46 2 272 282 2.774
69 Narasimhan B.R.V., Kumar S., Narayanan T.S.N.S. Synthesis of manganese zinc ferrite using ferrous pickle liquor and pyrolusite ore Environmental Chemistry Letters 9 2 243 250 2.051
70 Nayak B. Gold in the beach placer sands of Chavakkad-Ponnani, Kerala Coast, India Journal of the Geological Society of India 78 4 345 348 0.396
71 Nayak B., Das S.K., Bhattacharyya K.K. Detrital and authigenic(?) baddeleyite (ZrO2) in ferromanganese nodules of Central Indian Ocean Basin Geoscience Frontiers 2 4 571 576 0.5
72 Nayar S., Guha A. A novel biomimetic material - Glycine-PVA ferrofluid that crosses the blood-brain barrier Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology 7 1 78   2.626
73 Nizovskii, A.I.;  Kalinkin, . V.; Shakhtshneider, T. P.;  Dyakonova, M. A.; Myz, S. A.; Boldyreva, E. V.; Kumar, Rakesh XPS study of pharmacological substances mechanochemically immobilized on the surface of alumina Journal of Structural Chemistry 52 sup. S137 S144 0.547
74 Nodland D., Ghosh A., Zargarzadeh H., Jagannathan S. Neuro-optimal control of helicopter UAVs Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering 8045 27-Apr     0.822
75 Pal J., Ghorai S., Singh D.P., Goswami M.C., Bandyopadhyay D., Ghosh D. Dissolution characteristics of CO2-treated fluxed pellets in hot metal bath Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Review 32 4 229 246 0.611
76 Palit Sagar S., Metya A.K., Ghosh M., Sivaprasad S. Effect of microstructure on non-linear behavior of ultrasound during low cycle fatigue of pearlitic steels Materials Science and Engineering A 528 6 2895 2898 2.101
77 Panda A.K., Singh S., Roy R.K., Ghosh M., Mitra A. Effect of Mn incorporation for Ni on the properties of melt spun off-stoichiometric compositions of NiMnGa alloys Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 323 9 1161 1169 1.689
78 Parmar K., Chongder D., Bandyopadhya N.R., Bhattacharjee S. Investigation on Cu(II) adsorption on cobalt silicate precipitation tube (CSPT) in aqueous medium Journal of Hazardous Materials 185 02-Mar 1326 1331 3.723
79 Parveen N., Murthy G.V.S. Determination of elastic modulus in nickel alloy from ultrasonic measurements Bulletin of Materials Science 34 2 323 326 0.944
80 Paul S.K., Sivaprasad S., Dhar S., Tarafder S. Key issues in cyclic plastic deformation: Experimentation Mechanics of Materials 43 11 705 720 1.901
81 Paul S.K., Sivaprasad S., Dhar S., Tarafder S. Cyclic plastic deformation behavior in SA333 Gr. 6 C-Mn steel Materials Science and Engineering A 528 24 7341 7349 2.101
82 Paul S.K., Sivaprasad S., Dhar S., Tarafder S. Cyclic plastic deformation and damage in 304LN stainless steel Materials Science and Engineering A 528 15 4873 4882 2.101
83 Prasad S. Extraction of chromium as sodium chromate from stainless steel dust Journal of Solid Waste Technology and Management 37 01-Feb 40 46 1
84 Prodhan, A. Semisolid processing of short and long freezing range Cu alloys by electric current MATERIALS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 27 10 1513 1517 0.705
85 Rajinikanth V., Venkateswarlu K. An investigation of sliding wear behaviour of WCCo coating Tribology International 44 12 1711 1719 1.557
86 Rajinikanth V., Venkateswarlu K., Sen M.K., Das M., Alhajeri S.N., Langdon T.G. Influence of scandium on an Al-2% Si alloy processed by high-pressure torsion Materials Science and Engineering A 528 3 1702 1706 2.101
87 Ranganathan S., Godiwalla K.M. Influence of process parameters on reduction contours during production of ferrochromium in submerged arc furnace Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly 50 1 37 44 0.4
88 Ranganathan S., Godiwalla K.M., Chakraborty D. Investigation of the kinetics of reduction of chromite ore lumps with large particles of coke Transactions of the Institutions of Mining and Metallurgy, Section C: Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy 120 2 71 78 1.46
89 Rao D.S., Vijayakumar T.V., Prabhakar S., Raju G.B. Geochemical assessment of a siliceous limestone sample for cement making Chinese Journal of Geochemistry 30 1 33 39 0.773
90 Rao D.S., VijayaKumar T.V., Rao S.S., Prabhakar S., Raju G.B. Effectiveness of sodium silicate as gangue depressants in iron ore slimes flotation International Journal of Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials 18 5 515 522 0.322
91 Rao D.S., Vijayakumar T.V., Subba Rao S., Bhaskar Raju G., Prabhakar S. Beneficiation of a low grade limestone sample Mining Science and Technology (China) 21 5 631 636 1.518
92 Ray A.K., Kumar S., Krishna G., Gunjan M., Goswami B., Bose S.C. Microstructural studies and remnant life assessment of eleven years service exposed reformer tube Materials Science and Engineering A 529 1 102 112 2.101
93 Ray A.K., Tiwari Y.N., Krishna G., Das G., Gunjan M., Bose S.C., Ghosh R.N. Health assessment of 22years service-exposed radiant tube from an oil refinery Engineering Failure Analysis 18 3 1067 1075 0.765
94 Ray M., Ratan Bandyopadhyay N., Ghanta U., Klie R.F., Kumar Pramanick A., Das S., Ray S.K., Minhaz Hossain S. Temperature dependent photoluminescence from porous silicon nanostructures: Quantum confinement and oxide related transitions Journal of Applied Physics 110 9 094309 094309 1.55
95 Roy R.K., Kernion S.J., Shen S., McHenry M.E. Crystallization behavior and high temperature magnetic phase transitions of Nb-substituted FeCoSiBCu nanocomposites Applied Physics Letters 99 19 0192506 0192506 3.82
96 Roy R.K., Sarkar P., Singh S., Panda A.K., Mitra A. Crystallization kinetics and giant magneto impedance behavior of FeCo based amorphous wires TMS Annual Meeting 2   9 16 1.485
97 Roy R.K., Singh S., Gunjan M.K., Panda A.K., Mitra A. Joining of 304SS and pure copper by rapidly solidified Cu-based braze alloy Fusion Engineering and Design 86 04-May 452 455 1.143
98 Rupa P.K.P., Chakraborty P.C., Mishra S.K. Nanoindentation studies of hard nanocomposite Ti-B-N thin films AIP Conference Proceedings 1393   239 240 3.596
99 Sahu J.K., Das D.K., Nandy T.K., Mandal D., Rajinikanth V., Swaminathan J., Ray A.K. Effect of titanium aluminide coating on cyclic plastic deformation and fatigue life of a titanium alloy at 600ÂC Materials Science and Engineering A 530 1 664 668 2.101
100 Sahu S.K., Asselin E. Characterization of residue generated during medium temperature leaching of chalcopyrite concentrate under CESL conditions Hydrometallurgy 110 01-Apr 107 114 1.917
101 Sahu, Ranjan K.; Pandey, Sudhir K.; Pathak, L. C. Valence and origin of metal-insulator transition in Mn doped SrRuO(3) studied by electrical transport, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and LSDA plus U calculation Journal of Solid State Chemistry 184 3 523 530 2.261
102 Satapathy P.K., Behera R.K., Nayak A.K., Mishra T. Adsorptive removal of phosphate from aqueous solutions using ceria-titania mixed oxide Asian Journal of Chemistry 23 7 3055 3058 0.247
103 Sau D.C., Biswal K.C. Computational fluid dynamics and experimental study of the hydrodynamics of a gas-solid tapered fluidized bed Applied Mathematical Modelling 35 5 2265 2278 1.502
104 Shakhtshneider T.P., Myz S.A., Dyakonova M.A., Boldyrev V.V., Boldyreva E.V., Nizovskii A.I., Kalinkin A.V., Kumar R. Mechanochemical preparation of organic-inorganic hybrid materials of drugs with inorganic oxides Acta Physica Polonica A 120 2 272 278 0.43
105 Singh R., Swaminathan J., Paswan S., Rajinikanth V., Chattoraj I. Investigations on high temperature corrosion of wire enameling oven Engineering Failure Analysis 18 5 1375 1387 0.765
106 Singh R., Tiwari S.K., Mishra S.K., Dahotre N.B. Electrochemical and mechanical behavior of laser processed Ti-6Al-4V surface in Ringer's physiological solution Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine 22 8 1787 1796 2.325
107 Sivakumar B., Kumar S., Sankara Narayanan T.S.N. Fretting corrosion behaviour of Ti-6Al-4V alloy in artificial saliva containing varying concentrations of fluoride ions Wear 270 03-Apr 317 324 1.635
108 Sreedevi P., Chennakesavulu K., Kavitha M., Bhaskar Raju G., Prabhakar S. Electrokinetic behavior of fluorite Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology 32 9 1306 1310 0.628
109 Sreedevi P., Chennakesavulu K., Raju G.B., Prabhakar S. Studies on the zetapotential of calcite/p-sulfonatocalix[4,8]arenes Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology 32 11 1531 1536 0.628
110 Sujatha G., Sinha A., Singh S. Cells behaviour in presence of nano-scaffolds Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology 7 1 43 44 2.626
111 Swaminathan J., Singh R., Gunjan M.K., Mahato B. Sensitization induced stress corrosion failure of AISI 347 stainless steel fractionator furnace tubes Engineering Failure Analysis 18 8 2211 2221 0.765
112 Tiwari S.K., Sahu R.K., Pramanick A.K., Singh R. Development of conversion coating on mild steel prior to sol gel nanostructured Al2O3 coating for enhancement of corrosion resistance Surface and Coatings Technology 205 21-22 4960 4967 2.135
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