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Surface Engineering activities at NML  targets wear &oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance  through Plasma processing by different PVD processes such as sputtering, electron beam evaporation, arc evaporation, plasma ion immersion, Laser cladding and surface medication, Self propagating High Temperature Synthesis (SHS) and thermal spray techniques. Additionally through shot peening and SMAT processings the fatigue, wear and fracture resistance of functional tools like automotive appliances are enhanced and optimized. Development of speciality powders and coatings from such powders for surface property enhancement is being carried out at NML.

Major Achievements

Nano-composite hard and functional coatings of Si-C-N and Ti-Si-C-B-N, TiBN, TiB2  system by sputtering with tailored mechanical properties (Hardness:4 to 45 GPa, Modulus: 100 to 500 GPa), with low coefficient of friction

Nano-sized diboride and carbides powder by SHS route for target preparation and for spraying

Coatings on inside of pipes by centrifugal SHS

Wear and corrosion resistant claddings by laser and surface modification by laser

Thermal sprayed (Plasma and high velocity oxy-fuel) coatings of diborides  & composites, oxides 

Diamond reinforced composite coatings on different surfaces such as graphite, SS, tool steel  and aluminum

Surface modification by  SMAT

Plasma nitriding of steel and  aluminum alloy surfaces

Sol-gel and other dip coatings for corrosion protection


Major Facilities

XPS, PECVD, Plasma Nitriding Unit, Diode Laser, Nano indentor, SHS Reactor, Air Plasma spray, HVOF, Thermal powder spray, Adhesion tester, surface profilometer, FEG SEM, nano tribometer, corrosion testing

  Surface Modification _ Major Facilities

Facilities Available
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