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Diamond  reinforced composite (DRC) coatings for Diamond polishing wheel without using Ni and Co as binders.

Development of Silt Erosion Resistant Material for Turbines of Hydrogenerators:

Mitigation of Erosion-Oxidation damage on different boiler grade steels

Wear and oxidation resistant diboride reinforced dense coatings by in-situ  SHS dynamic compaction process

Wear  resistant Al-alloys with high strength 

Major Achievements 

We have developed or are in the process of developing the following:

Developed diamond reinforced composite (DRC) coated Diamond polishing wheel 

Developed Silt Erosion Resistant steel for Turbines of Hydrogenerators: The developed material has improved wear and erosion resistance compared to standard 13Cr-4Ni stainless steel.

Developed mathematical model and application software for erosion-oxidation of boiler steels i

Wear and oxidation resistant diboride reinforced dense composites by SHS dynamic compaction



Major Facilities

Air jet erosion tester, 3-body wear test system, Thermogravimetric analyzer for high temperature oxidation study, Pin/ball–on-disc wear tester (load range: 10 g to 10 kg), Fretting wear monitor, Cavitation erosion monitor and Nano-Tribometer 

  Diamond reinforced composite (DRC) coated Diamond polishing wheel   Air jet erosion tester High temperature oxidation furnace: ( Temperature Range: room temperature to 1700 °C) Wear Friction Monitor


Facilities Available
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