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Water research at NML is primarily aimed at providing solutions to various water quality issues of our country, the contaminated streams ranging from drinking water to industrial effluents. This program also comprises water quality surveys for different parameters and development of quality maps there from. Water research at NML also undertakes development of need based analytical protocols for specific parameters as a part of its activity.


Major Activities and Achievements   


Development of a prototype pilot plant for coal mine water reclamation

Development of a comprehensive open-access database of naturally occurring minerals as water purifiers.

Development of iron and aluminum based nanometric aqueous suspensions as multifunctional water purifiers

Developed a process for arsenic and iron removal at both  domestic and community levels.

Developed a process for the removal of fluoride from groundwater.

Completed an extensive water quality survey in Sahebgunj district of Jharkhand for four major water quality parameters namely arsenic, fluoride, iron and nitrate.

NML is a partner in the CSIR-DAE programme on safe drinking water in which NML’s arsenic and iron removal filter will be installed at 1000 points in the state of Jharkhand and adjoining areas


Major Facilities

Modular Ion Chromatograph Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Anodic Stripping Voltammeter Auto-Titrator Automated Water Analyzer Particle Size Analyzer with Auto Titrator Ion Chromatograph Toc/Tic Analyzer LC-MS/MS (Triple Quadrupole)


     Three container water filter for iron and arsenic removal    Prototype pilot plant for coal mine water reclamation     Automated water analyzer


Facilities Available
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