Dr. S.K. Sahu
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Name :   Dr.Sushanta Sahu
Designation :   Princiapl Scientist
Contact Information :
  • Email id :  sushanta@nmlindia.org
  • Mobile/Phone no:  06572345273, 9431521200
Educational Qualification :   PhD
Areas of Expertise :  
No. of Papers Published :   34
  • International :   1. Aarti Kumari, M.K. Sinha, Swati Pramanik, S.K. Sahu, Recovery of rare earths from spent NdFeB magnets of wind turbine: leaching and kinetic aspects. Waste Management 75, 486-498 (2018). 2. M.K. Sinha, Swati Pramanik, Aarti Kumari, S.K. Sahu, L.B. Prasad, M.K. Jha, K. Yoo, B.D. Pandey, Recovery of value added products of Sm and Co from waste SmCo magnet by hydrometallurgical route. Separation & Purification Technology 179, 1-12 (2017). 3. Aarti Kumari, M.K. Sinha, S.K. Sahu, B.D. Pandey, Solvent Extraction and Separation of Trivalent Lanthanides using Cyphos IL 104, A Novel Phosphonium Ionic Liquid as Extractant, Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange 34, 469-484 (2016). 4. Aarti Kumari, M.K. Sinha, S.K. Sahu, B.D. Pandey, Investigation of a novel ionic liquid, Cyphos IL 104 for the solvent extraction of mineral acids, Hydrometallurgy 166, 159-165 (2016). 5. M.K. Sinha, S.K. Sahu, Swati Pramanik, L.B. Prasad, B.D. Pandey, Recovery of high value copper and zinc oxide powder from waste brass pickle liquor by solvent extraction, Hydrometallurgy 166, 182-190 (2016). 6. M.K. Sinha, Swati Pramanik, S.K. Sahu, L.B. Prasad, M.K. Jha, B.D. Pandey, Development of an efficient process for the recovery of zinc and iron as value products from the waste chloride solution, Separation & Purification Technology 167, 37-44 (2016). 7. M.K. Sinha, S.K. Sahu, P. Meshram, B.D. Bandey, Low temperature hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of iron oxide powders of diverse morphologies from spent pickle liquor, Powder Technology 276, 214-221 (2015). I.F. 2.269 8. P. Meshram, B.K. Purohit, M.K. Sinha, S.K. Sahu, B.D. Pandey, Demineralization of low grade coal – A review. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 41, 745-761 (2015). I.F. 5.510 9. M.K. Sinha, S.K. Sahu, P. Meshram, B.D. Pandey, Solvent extraction and separation of zinc and iron from spent pickle liquor. Hydrometallurgy, 147–148 103-111 (2014) I.F.-2.224, Citation: 04 10. B.K. Purohit, Swati Pramanik, P. Meshram, S.K. Sahu, B.D. Pandey, Chemical beneficiation of Hingula coal. J. Metallurgy & Material Science, 56, 173-177 (2014) 11. P. Meshram, M.K. Sinha, S.K. Sahu, P. Khan, B.D. Pandey, T.R. Mankhand, Solvothermal synthesis of high value copper powder from copper bleed solution of an Indian copper smelter. Powder Technology 233 335-340 (2013) I.F.-2.269 12. A.K. Jha, M.K. Jha, A. Kumari, S.K. Sahu, V. Kumar, B.D. Pandey, Selective separation and recovery of cobalt from leach liquor of discarded Li-ion batteries using thiophosphinic extractant. Separation and Purification Technology, 104 160-166 (2013) I.F.-3.065. Citation: 08 13. A. Kumari, M.K. Jha, J. Hait, S.K. Sahu, V. Kumar, Processing of Korean monazite concentrate for the recovery of rare earth metals (REMs). Journal of Indian Chemical Society, 90 2105-2110 (2013). 14. S. Pramanik, S.K. Sahu, P. Meshram, B.D. Pandey, Arsenic removal from spent liquor generated during processing of vanadium sludge. Advanced Materials Research, Harnessing of Nonferrous Minirals, Metals and Wastes, 828 55-63 (2013). 15. P. Meshram, S.K. Sahu, B.D. Pandey, V. Kumar, T.R. Mankhand, Removal of Chromium(III) from the Waste Solution of an Indian Tannery by Amberlite IR 120 Resin. International Journal of Nonferrous Metallurgy, 1 32-41 (2012) 16. S.K. Sahu, E. Asselin, Effect of oxidizing agents on the hydrometallurgical purification of metallurgical grade silicon. Hydrometallurgy, 121-124, 120-125 (2012) I.F. 2.224. Citation: 14 17. M.K. Sinha, S.K. Sahu, P. Meshram, B.D. Pandey, V. Kumar, Solvent Extraction and Separation of Copper and Zinc from a Pickling Solution. International Journal of Metallurgical Engineering, 1 28-34 (2012). Citation: 01 18. S.K. Sahu, E. Asselin, Characterization of residue generated during medium temperature leaching of chalcopyrite concentrate under CESL conditions, Hydrometallurgy 110, 107-114 (2011) I.F. 2.224, Citation: 02. 19. Vinay Kumar, S.K. Sahu, B.D. Pandey, Prospects for solvent extraction processes in the Indian context for the recovery of base metals. A Review. Hydrometallurgy, 103, 45-53 (2010) I.F. 2.224, Citation: 13. 20. S.K. Sahu, Pratima Meshram, B.D. Pandey, Vinay Kumar, T.R. Mankhand, Removal of chromium(III) by cation exchange resin, Indion 790 for tannery waste treatment, Hydrometallurgy, 99, 170-174 (2009) I.F. 2.224. Citation: 42. 21. S.K. Sahu, V.K. Verma, D. Bagchi, V. Kumar, B.D. Pandey, Recovery of chromium(VI) from electroplating effluent by solvent extraction with tri-n-butyl phosphate, Indian J. Chem. Technol., 15, 397 (2008). I.F. 0.580. Citation: 19. 22. S.K. Sahu, K.K. Sahu, B.D. Pandey, Leaching of zinc sulphide concentrate from Ganesh-Himal deposit of Nepal, Metallurgical & Materials Trans. B, 37B, 541 (2006). I.F. 1.323. Citation: 09. 23. S.K. Sahu, A. Agrawal, B.D. Pandey, V. Kumar, Recovery of copper, nickel and cobalt from the leach liquor of a sulphide concentrate by solvent extraction, Minerals Engineering, 17, 949 (2004). I.F. 1.714. Citation: 37. 24. M.L.P. Reddy, T.R. Ramamohan, S.K. Sahu, P. Thakur, V. Chakravortty, Mixed-ligand chelate extraction of thorium(IV) and uranium(VI) with thenoyltrifluoroacetone and various imidazoles, Radiochim Acta, 88, 405 (2000). I.F. 1.411. Citation: 04. 25. M.L.P. Reddy, S.K. Sahu, V. Chakravortty, 4-Acylbis(1-phenyl-3-methyl-5-pyrozolones) as extractants for f-elements, Solvent Extr. Ion Exch., 18, 1135 (2000). I.F. 1.581. Citation: 18. 26. S.K. Sahu, MLP Reddy, T.R. Ramamohan, V. Chakravortty, Solvent extraction of uranium(VI) and thorium(IV) from nitrate media by Cyanex 923, Radiochim. Acta, 88, 33 (2000). I.F. 1.41. 27. S.K. Sahu, V. Chakravortty, M.L.P. Reddy, T.R. Ramamohan, The synergistic extraction of thorium(IV) and uranium(VI) with mixtures of 3-phenyl-4-benzoyl-5-isoxazolones and crown ethers, Talanta, 51, 523 (2000). I.F. 3.511. Citation: 34. 28. S.K. Sahu, V. Chakravortty, M.L.P. Reddy, T.R. Ramamohan, Synergistic extraction of trivalent lanthanoids with 3-phenyl-4-benzoyl-5-isoxazolones and various sulphoxides, Radiochim. Acta, 85, 107 (1999). I.F. 1.4111. Citation: 08. 29. S.P. Mohanty, S.K. Sahu, I. Mohanty, M.L.P. Reddy, V. Chakravortty, Extraction of uranium(VI) with binary mixture of LIX 984 and naphthenic acid, Solvent Extr. Res. Dev. Japan, 5, 189 (1998). I.F. 1.053. Citation: 02. 30. M.L.P. Reddy, R.L. Verma, T.R. Ramamohan, S.K. Sahu, V. Chakravortty, Cyanex 923 as an extractant for trivalent lanthanides and yttrium, Solvent Extr. Ion Exch., 16, 795 (1998). I.F.1.581. Citation: 43. 31. S.K. Sahu, V. Chakravortty, Extraction of uranium(VI) with binary mixtures of quadridentate Schiff base and various neutral donors, J. Radioanal. Nucl. Chem., 227, 163 (1998). I.F. 1.415. Citation: 10. 32. S.K. Sahu, A. Mishra, R.K. Behera, Synthesis of thiazole, benzothiazole, oxadiazole, thiadiazole, triazole and thiazolidinone incorporated coumarins, Indian J. Heterocyclic Chem., 6, 91 (1996). I.F. 0.168.
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No.of.Patents :   1. A process for recovery of copper and nickel powders from a high iron containing waste or secondary resource 2. Process for the recovery of high pure terbium oxide from phosphor powder of waste flurescent lamps 3. An improved process for the selective recovery of rare earths from waste NdFeB magnet 4. A novel electrochemical method for the recovery of metal values from spent NdFeB magnet
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Awards and Recognitions :   1. BOYSCAST Fellowship: Conferred by Dept. of Science & Technology, New Delhi, India. 2. Tarun Datta Memorial Young Scientist Award conferred by Indian Association of Nuclear Chemists & Allied Scientists. 3. Dr. B.R. Nijhawan Award for best technical paper published in the year 2006 4. Altekar Award for best technology of CSIR-NML for “Tungsten extraction technology from scraps” in 2012 (as a team member) [Conferred on NML foundation day November 26, 2013. 5. Prof. Shilowbhadra Banerjee Award of CSIR-NML for best In-house Project entitled “Solvothermal synthesis of high value metal/oxide/ferrite powders from secondary resources