Dr. Sanchita Chakravarty
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Name :   Dr.Sanchita Chakravarty
Designation :   Chief Scientist
Contact Information :
  • Email id :  sanchita@nmlindia.org
  • Mobile/Phone no:  08789382711, 9431566696
Educational Qualification :   M.Sc., Ph.D.
Areas of Expertise :   Removal of metals from water and waste water, Coal characterization (Coking coal, Non Coking Coal), Ash reduction from non coking coal and coking coal, Analytical Instrumental technique
No. of Papers Published :   46
  • International :   1. Chakladar, S and Banerjee, Riya and Mohanty, Ashok and Chakravarty, S and Patar, P K (2020) Turpentine oil: a novel and natural bridging liquid for agglomeration of coal fines of high ash coals. International Journal of Coal Preparation and Utilization, https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/19392699.2020.1789976 (IF-2.034)2. Kumar, Naresh and Venugopal, R and Soren, S and Chakravarty, S (2020) Thermodynamic Modelling of Effect of Flux on the Liquidus Temperatures and Phase transitions in Coal Ash. Journal of the Geological Society of India, 96(1) (IF-0.899). pp. 87-90.3. Chakladar, S and Chakravarty, S and Mohanty, Ashok and Alex, T C and Kumar, Sanjay (2020) Quality improvement of heat altered coals: A preliminary feasibility study. Environmental Technology & Innovation, 18 (IF-2.800). p. 100764.4. Saida, S and Chakravarty, S and Sahu, R and Das Biswas, Rupa and Chakravarty, K (2020) Laboratory-Scale Tests for the Utilization of High Ash Non-Coking coal in Coke-Making Process. Transactions of the Indian institute of metals, 73(5) (IF-1.205). pp. 1257-1263. 5. Chakravarty, S and Chakravarty, K and Mishra, V and Chakladar, S and Mohanty, Ashok and Sharma, Mamta (2020) Characterization of Chemical Structure with Relative Density of Three Different Ranks of Coal from India. Natural Resources Research, Online (IF-3.708). 6. Kumari, Archana and Jha, Manis K and Chakravarty, S and Pathak, D D (2020) Indian Coal Ash: A Potential Alternative Resource for Rare Earth Metals (REMs). In: Rare Metal Technology 2020. The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society 2020.7. Chakravarty, K and Mishra, V and Chakravarty, S and Chakladar, S and Saxena, V K and Bhattacharya, S (2019) Mineralogical Study of Beneficiated and Carbonized Indian Coking Coal for Better Utilization: A Case Study. Natural Resources Research (IF-2.000). pp. 1-20.8. Saha, D and Chatterjee, D and Chakravarty, S and Roychowdhury, T (2019) Investigation of Environmental-Concern Trace Elements in Coal and Their Combustion Residues from Thermal Power Plants in Eastern India. Natural Resources Research, 28(4) . pp. 1505-15209. Sahoo, M and Bhowmik, Tishrota and Mishra, V and Pal, S and Sharma, Mamta and Chakravarty, S (2019) Significance of coal quality on thermoplastic properties: a case study. International Journal of Coal Preparation and Utilization .10. Mishra, V and Chakravarty, S and Finkelman, Robert B. and Varma, Atul K (2019) Geochemistry of Rare Earth Elements in Lower Gondwana Coals of the Talchir Coal Basin, India. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 204 (IF-3.472). pp. 43-56. 11. Chakladar, S and Mohanty, Ashok and Mandal, S and Chakravarty, S (2019) Structural evaluation of coking component of West Bokaro coal of Indian origin. Journal International Journal of Coal Preparation and Utilization (IF-2.020). pp. 1-14.12. Kumari, Archana and Parween, R and Chakravarty, S and Parmar, Kavita and Pathak, D D and Lee, Jae-chun and Jha, Manis K (2019) Novel approach to recover rare earth metals (REMs) from Indian coal bottom ash. Hydrometallurgy, 187 . pp. 1-7.13. Mohanty, Ashok and Chakladar, S and Mallick, S and Chakravarty, S (2019) Structural characterization of coking component of an Indian coking coal. Fuel, 249 . pp. 411-417. 14.Kumari, Archana and Jha, Manis K and Pathak, D D and Chakravarty, S and Lee, Jae-chun (2019) Processes developed for the separation of europium (Eu) from various resources. Separation and Purification Reviews, 48(2) . pp. 91-121.15. Kumari, Archana and Jha, S and Patel, J N and Chakravarty, S and Jha, Manis K and Pathak, D D (2018) Processing of monazite leach liquor for the recovery of light rare earth metals (LREMs). Minerals Engineering, Volume 129, December 2018, Pages 9-14 (IF-3.315). pp. 9-14. 16. Dutta, Madhulika and Khare, Puja and Chakravarty, S and Saikia, Durlov and Saikia, Binoy K (2018) Physico-chemical and elemental investigation of aqueous leaching of high sulfur coal and mine overburden from Ledo coalfield of Northeast India. International Journal of Coal Science & Technology . pp. 1-17. 17. Saha, D and Chatterjee, D and Chakravarty, S and Mazumder, S (2018) Trace element geochemistry and mineralogy of coal from Samaleswari open cast coal block (S-OCB), Eastern India. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, 104 (IF-1.426). pp. 47-57.18. Banerjee, Amit and Mishra, P R and Mohanty, Ashok and Chakravarty, K and Das Biswas, Rupa and Sahu, Rina and Chakravarty, S (2016) Distribution of mineral species in different coal seams of Talcher coalfield and its transformation behavior at varying temperatures. International Journal of Coal Science & Technology, 3(2) (SNIP-3.554). pp. 97-103.19. Chakravarty, S and Mohanty, Ashok and Nag, Sudha T and Upadhyay, A K and Konar, J and Sircar, J K and Madhukar, A and Gupta, K K (2010) Removal of Pb(II) ions from aqueous solution by adsorption using bael leaves (Aegle marmelos). Journal of Hazardous Materials, 173 (1-3). pp. 502-509.20. Parmar, Kavita and Chaturvedi, Hema T and Akhtar, Md Wasi and Chakravarty, S and Das, S K and Pramanick, A K and Ghosh, M and Panda, A K and Bandopadhyay, N R and Bhattacharjee, S (2009) Characterization of cobalt precipitation tube synthesized through “silica garden” route. Materials Characterization, 60 (8). pp. 863-86821. Das, Goutam and Das, Mousumi and Sinha, Satish and Gupta, K K and Chakravarty, S and Ray, Ashok K (2009) Characterization of cast stainless steel weld pools by using ball indentation technique. Materials Science and Engineering: A, 513-514 . pp. 389-393. I22. Chakravarty, S and Pimple, S and Chaturvedi, Hema T and Singh, S and Gupta, K K (2008) Removal of copper from aqueous solution using newspaper pulp as an adsorbent. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 159 (2-3). pp. 396-403. 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  • National :   1.  Shaik, Saida and Chakravarty, S and Mishra, P R and Sahu, Rina and Chakravortty, K (2019) Caking Ability Tests for Coal Blends in Process to Utilize the Indian Origin Coals. Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals, 72(12) (IF-1.176). pp. 3129-3137.2. Sen, Aakash and Mohanty, Sunati and Bhowmik, Tishrota and Chakravarty, S (2017) Studies on the cleaning potentialities of non-coking coal by washability study. In: XVI International Seminar on Mineral Processing Technology (MPT-2017) , Feb 1-3, 20173. Chakravarty, S and Mohanty, Ashok and Ghosh, B and Tarafder, Mita and Aggarwal, S G and Gupta, P K and Prabhat, K (2014) Proficiency Testing in Chemical Analysis of Iron Ore: Comparison of Statistical Methods for Outlier Rejection. Mapan-Journal of Metrology Society of India, 29(2) (IF-0.477). pp. 87-95.4. Tripathi, Abhishek and Kumar, Manoj and Agrawal, A and Sau, D C and Chakravarty, S and Mankhand, T R (2011) Leaching of Gold from the Waste Mobile Phone Printed Circuit Boards (PCBS) with Ammonium Thiosulphate. In: 15th International Conference on Nonferrous Metals 2011, 8-9 July 2011, Kolkata,India.5. Das Biswas, Rupa and Upadhyay, A K and Kumari, Rashmi and Mohanty, Ashok and Gupta, K K and Konar, J and Chakravarty, S (2010) Uncertainty of measurement for determination of major elements in iron ore using ICP-OES. In: Proceedings of the XI International Seminar on Mineral Processing Technology (MPT-2010), Dec 2010,6. Chaturvedi, Hema T and Chakravarty, S and Bhattacharjee, S and Mandhyan, A K (2007) Goethite-arsenite interaction study to understand groundwater arsenic mobilization in the Bengal Delta Plain. In: Water-Rock Interaction, Proceedings, 2007, Water-Rock Interaction. 7. Konar, J and Upadhyay, A K and Pimple, S and Chakravarty, S and Gupta, K K (2007) Analysis of major and minor elements in coal and siliceous materials using microwave digestion and AAS technique. Journal of Metallurgy and Materials Science, 49 (1). pp. 45-50. 8. Kar, S and Maity, S and Chakravarty, S and Bhattacharyya, G and Dureja, V and Bhattacharjee, S (2002) Heavy metal distribution in some of the seasonal vegetables of Patamda, the agricultural nerve centre of East Singhbhum district in the state of Jharkhand. Journal of Metallurgy and materials Science., 44 (3). pp. 161-165.  
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Equipment/Software Skills :   ICP-OES, ICP-MS, AAS, XRF for major trace and ultra trace metals analysis Proximate, Ultimate, HGI, Ash Fusion, Ash Composition analysis by XRF, LTGK analysis, Swelling index, Caking Index of coal

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