Dr. A.K. Mohanty
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Name :   Dr.A.K. Mohanty
Designation :   Principal Scientist
Contact Information :
  • Email id :  akm@nmlindia.org
  • Mobile/Phone no:  0657-2345264
Educational Qualification :   PhD
Areas of Expertise :   • Self-healing polymeric coatings, corrosion inhibitors • Replacement of industrial toxic elements (cyanide, hexavalent chromium) • Coke making from non-coking coal • Coal beneficiation through oil agglomeration
No. of Papers Published :   24
  • International :   Saswati Chakladar, Sanchita Chakravarty, Ashok Mohanty, T. C. Alex and Sanjay Kumar, Quality improvement of heat altered coals: A preliminary feasibility study, Environmental Technology & Innovation, 2020, 18, 100764.Publisher: Elsevier, Impact Factor: 2.80Chakladar, Saswati, Mohanty, Ashok, Mandal, Sujata and Chakravarty, Sanchita; Structural evaluation of coking component of West Bokaro coal of Indian origin, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COAL PREPARATION AND UTILIZATION, 2019, DOI: 10.1080/19392699.2019.1663345.Publisher: Taylor & Francsis, Impact Factor: 2.02Ashok Mohanty, Saswati Chakladar, Subhajit Mallick, Sanchita Chakravarty, “Structural characterization of coking component of an Indian coking coal” Fuel, 249, 2019, 411-417.Publisher: Elsevier, Impact Factor: 4.6Amit Banerjee, P. R. Mishra, Ashok Mohanty, K. Chakravarty, R. Das Biswas, R. Sahu, S. Chakravarty, “Distribution of mineral species in different coal seams of Talcher coalfield and its transformation behaviour at varying temperatures” J. Coal. Sci. Technol, 3, 2016, 97-103.Publisher: SpringerChakravarty, Ashok Mohanty, Amit Banerjee, Ruchira Tripathy, G.K. Mandal, M. Raviathul Basariya, Mamta Sharma, “Composition, mineral matter characteristics and ash fusion behaviour of some Indian coals”, Fuel, 150, 2015, 96-101.Publisher: Elsevier, Impact Factor: 4.6 Ashok Mohanty, Aniruddha Mondal, “Visible light induced synthesis of fluorescent Ag clusters in reverse micelles”, Nanoscale, 5, 2013, 7238.Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry, Impact Factor: 6.2Santra, S. Rahman, S. Bojja, O. O. James, D. Sen, S. Maity, Ashok Mohanty, S. 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A, 1128, 2006, 259-266.Publisher: Elsevier Publications, Impact Factor: 3.641Ashok Mohanty and Joykrishna Dey; “Vesicles as Pseudostationary Phase for Enantiomer Separation by Capillary Electrophoresis”, Journal of Chromatography A, 1070, 2005, 185-192.Publisher: Elsevier Publications, Impact Factor: 3.641Sumita Roy, Ashok Mohanty and Joykrishna Dey; “Microviscosity of Bilayer Membranes of Some N-Acylamino Acid Surfactants Determined by Fluorescence Probe Method”, Chemical Physics Letters, 414, 2005, 23-27.Publisher: Elsevier Publications, Impact Factor: 2.207Joykrishna Dey, Ashok Mohanty, Sumita Roy and Dibyendu Khatua; “Cationic Vesicles as Chiral Selector for Enantioseparation of Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs by Micellar Ekectrokinetic Chromatography”Journal of Chromatogyaphy A, 1048, 2004, 127-132.Publisher: Elsevier Publications, Impact Factor: 3.641Ashok Mohanty and Joykrishna Dey; “Spontaneous Formation of Giant Vesicles and Chiral Self-assemblies of Sodium N-(4-Dodecyloxybenzoyl)-L-valinate in Water” Langmuir, 20, 2004, 8452-8459.Publisher: American Chemical Society (ACS), Impact Factor: 4.009Ashok Mohanty and Joykrishna Dey; “Giant vesicle-forming single tailed chiral surfactant for enantioseparation using micellar electrokinetic chromatography” Chemical Communications, 12, 2003, 1384-1385.Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), Impact Factor: 5.141
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No.of.Patents :   1. ASHOK KUMAR MOHANTY, S. K. TIWARI, T. MISHRA, S. CHAKRAVARTY, “A Process for Preparation of Polymeric N-ACRYLAMIDO TRIAZOLE Compounds and the use thereof as Anti-tarnishing Agents and Corrosion Inhibitors of Copper and Copper Alloys”. Indian Patent 295594. 2. SANCHITA CHAKRAVARTY, ASHOK KUMAR MOHANTY, SASWATI CHAKLADAR, MAMTA SHARMA, RUPA DAS BISWAS, SHAIK SAIDA, “Process for production of coke using semi-coking and non-coking coals” Indian patent 201711002430 filed. 3. Chakravarty Sanchita, Mohanty Ashok Kumar, Chakladar Saswati, Sharma Mamta, Das Biswas Rupa, Mallick Subhajit, “A PROCESS FOR CONVERTING NON-COKING COAL TO COKING COAL USING EXPANDABLE GRAPHITE AND MOLASSES” Indian patent 201811021093 filed. 4. CHAKRAVARTY SANCHITA, MOHANTY ASHOK KUMAR, CHAKLADAR SASWATI, MALLICK SUBHAJIT, DAS BISWAS RUPA, SHARMA MAMTA, “A Process to Prepare Coke from Non-coking coal using Natural Gums as Additives”. Indian patent 201911037731 filed. 5. MOHANTY ASHOK KUMAR, MISHRA SUMAN KUMARI, KUMAR SHANKAR, “Organic/inorganic Hybrid Self-healing Anti-corrosive Coating and a Process for Preparation Thereof”. Indian patent filed.
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No.of.Technologies :   1. Anti-tarnishing lacquer for copper alloys - Transferred to: (i) Mahashraya Chemicals Pvt. Ltd, Balasore, Odisha (ii) Multicoat Surfaces Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata 2. Process for production of corrosion resistant brass ammunition - Transferred to: Ordnance Factory, Varangaon, Maharastra. 3. Dip cleaner/tarnish remover for copper, brass, Silver & Gold - Technology available for transfer 3. Self-healing anticorrosive coating for mils steel - Technology available for transfer
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Awards and Recognitions :    Visiting scientist – Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan (April – June 2018)  (Raman Research Fellowship)Visiting Scientist: Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen, Germany (Sep-Oct 2013)  (CSIR-DAAD fellowship)Visiting Scientist: Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA (Apr 2009 – Mar 2010) (BOYSCAST Fellowship)

Self-healing anticorrosive coatings for corrosion protection of mild steel is one of the major focus areas of our research. In addition we work on development of new processes and chemicals for corrosion prevention and mitigation.Organic corrosion inhibitors and polymeric coatings for corrosion protection of metals is focus my current research interests. We are doing structural modification of polymer molecules by incorporation of corrosion inhibitors in the molecular structure of acrylic monomers. The resultant polymeric corrosion inhibitors provide excellent adhesion and corrosion inhibition efficiency due to chemisorptions of polymer on metal surface. We have successfully developed and commercialized polymeric coatings for copper alloys, Aluminium alloys and silver.  Replacement of toxic chemicals like cyanide and Cr(IV) with environment friendly chemicals for use in metal surface treatment industry is another focus of my research.In addition, we are working on development of a process to prepare coke from non-coking coal using natural product additives without using any coking coal.For my publications, please visit my Google Scholar site https://scholar.google.co.in/citations?user=6-ymYWgAAAAJ&hl=en