Dr. A.K. Panda
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Name :   Dr.Ashis Panda
Designation :   Principal Scientist
Contact Information :
  • Email id :  akpanda@nmlindia.org
  • Mobile/Phone no:  06572345002
Educational Qualification :   M.Sc, Ph.D
Areas of Expertise :   Amorphous / Nanostructured Magnetic Materials, Ferromagnetic shape memory alloys, Magnetocaloric Materials. Giant Magnetoimpedance materials, Electromagnetic Non-destructive Evaluation
No. of Papers Published :   104 Nos.
  • International :   92 Nos
  • National :   12 Nos
No.of.Patents :   (1). An Indian Patent (Patent No. 223617 grant date: 18/09/2008) with the title “A process for preparation of Fe-based ultrasoft nanocrystalline ferromagnetic alloy” A.Mitra, A.K.Panda, V.Rao, S.R.Singh and P.Ramachandrarao. (2). An Indian Patent (Patent No. 295761 grant date: 13/04/2018) has been filed with the title “A process for preparation of CoFe-based nanocrystalline ferromagnetic ribbons for high temperature soft magnetic applications” A.K.Panda, R.N.Ghosh and A.Mitra. (3) An Indian Patent has been filed (NML patent ref: 345/2006) with the title “Magnetic NDE device for evaluation of damage in service exposed steel components” A.Mitra, A.K.Panda, S.Das and R.N.Ghosh (4) An Indian Patent (NML patent No: 0522/DEL/2008, 05/03/2008) filed with the title “An improved melt-spinning device for production of rapidly quenched amorphous or fine grained wide metallic ribbons” K.K.Paul, A.K.Mallik, A.K.Panda, A.Kumar and A.Mitra. (5)An Indian Patent filed (Application no. 0651DEL2011, 02/Mar/2012) with the title “A giant magneto-impedance (GMI) based magnetic sensing device using (Co50Fe50)74Si8B14Cr4 amorphous wires for non-destructive evaluation applications”. Partha Sarkar, A.K.Panda, S.K.Pal, R.K.Roy, A.Mitra (6). An Indian Patent filed (CSIR application no: 3051DEL2013, 14/Oct/2014) “A process for preparation of Cu-based brazing alloys for joining steel components”. Rajat Kumar Roy, Ashis Kumar Panda, Amitava Mitra. (7). An Indian Patent filed (CSIR application No; 2478DEL2015) “A device for the measurement of magnetostriction of ferromagnetic materials”, A.K.Panda, S.Singh, R.K.Roy and A.Mitra (8). An Indian Patent filed (CSIR application No. 2162DEL2015; 16/Jul/2015) “Iron-Cobalt Based High Induction Soft Magnetic Amorphous Alloys”, Rajat kumar Roy, Ashis kumar Panda, Abhishek kumar Singh, Bhupeshwar Mahato, Amitava Mitra. (9) An Indian Patent filed (Grant No: IN310962 date 8.04.2019), European patent ((Application number: 16177881.6, dated : 5th July 2016]), US patent (Publication number: US2017/ 0131369) filed titled “ An improved giant magneto-impedance (GMI) based sensing device for the detection of carburisation in austenitic stainless steel” A.K.Panda, R.K.Roy, T.K.Das, S.K.Das, A.Mitra. (10). An Indian Patent filed (CSIR application No 2934DEL2015; 17/Sep/2015) “An Improved Giant Magneto-impedance Sensor Device for Structural Integrity Assessment of Engineering Components”, Tarun Kumar Das, Sushil Kumar Mandal, Ashis Kumar Panda, Rajat Kumar Roy, Amitava Mitra. (11). An Indian Patent filed (TEMP/E-1/38381/2017-KOL dt 2017/10/24) CSIR-NML & TATA Steel under the title “Glassy Pig Iron material and a process thereof”, Atanu Banerjee, Pavan kr Bijalwan, Monojit Dutta, Premkumar. M, Ashis kr Panda, Rajat kr Roy, (12). An Indian Patent filed (0043NF2018; Dated: 11-Apr-2018) “A Plant setup for the production of amorphous electrical steel”, Ashis Kumar Panda, Rajneesh Kumar, Udaya Bhaskara Rao. M, Prem Kumar. M, Rajat Kumar Roy, Parvesh Kumar, Amitava Mitra, Kanchan Kumar Paul. (13). An Indian Patent filed (0034NF2018; Dated: 17th May 2018) “Ni-Mn-Cu-Ga based Magnetocaloric materials”, Shushmita Dey, Ashis Kumar Panda, Rajat Kumar Roy, Amitava Mitra. (14). An Indian Patent filed (0010NF2019/IN dated 22nd Jan 2019), “A process for the preparation of high induction Fe-based amorphous and nanocomposite alloy strip”, Premkumar. M, Rajat kr Roy, Ashis kr Panda, Amitava Mitra. (15). An Indian Patent filed (0009NF2020; dated: 13-Jan-2020 ) , “A Process for the Enhancement in Transduction Efficiency of a Magnetostrictive Sensing Device for Evaluation of Pipeline Defects”, A.K.Panda, S.Das, T.K.Das, A.K. Metya, Premkumar. M, R.K.Roy, A.Mitra
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No.of.Technologies :   (1). “Development of prototype melt spinning system for continuous production of metallic glass (amorphous) ribbon” wherein continuous ribbons of width ~ 25mm and thickness ~30mm were produced using a laboratory prototype melt spinning sytem. The technology was transferred to M/s Vacuum Techniques, Bangalore. (2) “Development of of electromagnetic sensing device and “Licensing for Commercial Manufacture of MagStar Equipment”. Technology transferred to : M/s Technofour, Pune.
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Equipment/Software Skills :  

Awards and Recognitions :   (1) Indian National Science Academy (INSA) visiting fellowship 2009 - 2010.(2) ISNT NDT Award under the category Excellence in contribution to NDT Systems innovation & development for the year 2014.  (3). CSIR-Raman Research Fellowship 2014-15.