Dr. Arpita Ghosh
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Name :   Dr.Arpita Ghosh
Designation :   Principal Scientist
Contact Information :
  • Email id :  arpita@nmlindia.org
  • Mobile/Phone no:  08986883192
Educational Qualification :   B. Tech , M. Tech, Ph. D. (Engg)
Areas of Expertise :   Nondestructive Evaluation, Ultrasonic Imaging, Infrared Thermography, Image Processing, Data Analysis
No. of Papers Published :   21
  • International :   1. A Ghosh, M Sahu, PK Singh, S Kumar, M Ghosh, S Palit Sagar Assessment of mechanical properties for dissimilar metal welds: A nondestructive approach Journal of Materials Engineering &Performance Vol. 28 Pages:900-907,2019 2. Arpita Ghosh, A.K. Sharma, B. Nayak, S. Palit Sagar Infrared Thermography: An Approach for Iron Ore Gradation, Minerals Engineering Elsevier, UK Vol. 62 Pages: 85–90 2014 3. D Nodland, Arpita Ghosh, H Zargarzadeh, S Jagannathan Neuro-optimal control of an unmanned helicopter, Journal of Defense Modeling & Simulation: Applications, Methodology & Technology Vol. 11 Pages. 5-18 2014 4. Arpita Ghosh, T K Das, B Nayak, S Palit Sagar A non-invasive technique for sorting of alumina - rich iron ores. Minerals Engineering. Elsevier, UK Vol. 45 Pages: 55-58. 2013 5. B M Mohan, Arpita Ghosh Fuzzy two-term controllers with multi-fuzzy sets: mathematical models and analysis International Journal of Modelling, Identification & Control, Inderscience Enterprises Ltd, UK,Vol. 15 Pages:199-218, 2012 6. BM Mohan, Arpita Ghosh Mathematical models of fuzzy PID controllers with multi-fuzzy sets International Journal of Computational Intelligence in Control Vol. 11 Pages 23-36 2009 7. BM Mohan, Arpita Ghosh, Mathematical models of the simplest fuzzy PI/PD controllers with skewed input and output fuzzy sets ISA transactions , Elsevier, UK, Vol. 47 (3), Pages: 300-310 2008 8. BM Mohan, Arpita Sinha Analytical structures for fuzzy PID controllers?, IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, Vol.16 (1), Pages:52-60 2008 9. BM Mohan, Arpita Sinha Mathematical Model of the Simplest Fuzzy PID Controller with Asymmetric Fuzzy Sets IFAC Proceedings Vol. 41 (2), Pages:15399-15404 2008 10 BM Mohan, Arpita Sinha The simplest fuzzy two-term controllers: mathematical models and stability analysis International Journal of Automation and Control Vol. 2 Pages:5-21 2008 11 BM Mohan, Arpita Sinha Analytical structure and stability analysis of a fuzzy PID controller Applied Soft Computing Vol. 8 Pages:749-758 2008 12 BM Mohan, Arpita Sinha On the simplest fuzzy two-term controller structure derived via algebraic product t-norm-bounded sum t-conorm-Mamdani minimum inference combination Proceedings of International Conference on Industrial and Information Systems Vol. 2 Pages: 97-100 2007 13 BM Mohan, Arpita Sinha, Simplest Fuzzy Two-Term (PI/PD) Controller, Innovative Applications Of Information Technology For The Developing World, World Scientific Vol. 7 Pages: 360-366 2007 14 BM Mohan, Arpita Sinha, Influence of cross-point level of membership functions in fuzzy two-term control International Journal of Automation and Control Vol 1 Pages: 133-144 2007 15 BM Mohan, Arpita Sinha, The simplest fuzzy PID controllers: mathematical models and stability analysis Soft Computing Vol. 10 Pages: 961-975 2006 Book Chapters: 1. Neural Network-Based Optimal Control of an Unmanned Helicopter D Nodland, H Zargarzadeh, A Ghosh, S Jagannathan, Advances in Intelligent and Autonomous Aerospace Systems, Published by American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc., 2012 2. A Digital Image Processing Tool for Size and Number Density Distribution of Precipitates in Creep-Exposed Material M Sahu, C Dutta, A Ghosh and S. Palit Sagar Soft Computing for Problem Solving, Springer Nature, 2019
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No.of.Patents :   1. A non-invasive process for sorting of alumina rich iron ores. Arpita Ghosh, TK Das,B Nayak, S Palit Sagar Filing No. 2446DEL2012,Filing Date: 06-08-2012, India Filed 2. A technique for compositional analysis of iron ores S Palit Sagar, Arpita Ghosh, T. K. Das, B. Nayak, R. Mukherjee, A. K. Mukherjee Patent No. - 854/KOL/2014 (Joint with Tata Steel) 14/Oct/2019,Patent No. 322661 India Granted 3. A fast and non-contact process for detecting wt. % of Fe on the surface of galvannealed IF (interstitial free) steel sheets via infrared (IR) thermography Arpita Ghosh , S Palit Sagar, TK Das Patent Filing No. IN 201631035862, (Jointly with Tata Steel), Filing Date: 20-10-2016 (Joint with Tata Steel) NA India Filed 4. A cost effective, on-line smart sensing system for defect detection and identification in high end wires drawn at high speed Tarun K. Das, Chandan Dutta, Alok Kumar, Arpita Ghosh, Sushil K. Mandal, Sarmishtha Palit Sagar 0073NF2018; Patent Filing No. 201811036002, Filing Date: 25/Sep/2018 (Joint with Tata Steel) NA India Filed
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No.of.Technologies :  
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Equipment/Software Skills :   Equipment: Ultrasonic imaging, IR Thermography Software: MATLAB, CIVA Software Copyrights granted (In India): • IRsort; Software for online detection of alumina in Iron Ore. Copy right No. :NML/CR90/2013 • Defectogram: Software for analyzing size wise defect distribution at different depth in a material from ultrasonic image. Filed in 2016, Ref. no. 011CR2016 • MicrAn: An advanced software for quantifying microstructural features like grain size, number and size of precipitates, voids, inclusions from micrographs and to obtain their distribution histogram. SW - 12107/2019

Awards and Recognitions :   1. BOYSCAST Fellowship Department of Science and Technology 2010 2. Tata Innovista (Regional Round) Tata Group 2015