Dr. B. Ravi Kumar
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Name :   Dr.B Ravi Kumar
Designation :   Senior Principal Scientist
Contact Information :
  • Email id :  ravik@nmlindia.org
  • Mobile/Phone no:  06572345008, +919431567243
Educational Qualification :   M.Sc. (Engg.), Ph.D.
Areas of Expertise :   My current research focus is understanding the role of the second hard phase, martensite, in enhancing the high strain rate plasticity of ultra-high-strength dual-phase steels. My other research interests are the plastic deformation behavior of nano/ultrafine grained austenitic stainless steels. I extensively use electron microscopy and x-ray diffraction as characterisation tools for my research. Of late started taking a keen interest in far-from-equilibrium processes. My research publications can be found at ResearchGate/Google Scholar.
No. of Papers Published :   90
  • International :   Research publications in the last 5 years 1. Effect of continuous annealing process on various structure parameters of martensite of dual-phase steelsNemai Gorain, Mahesh Gulab Walunj, Manish Kumar Soni, B. Ravi Kumar Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering (2020) 20:29 2. Evaluation of friction welded dissimilar pipe joints between AISI 4140 and ASTM A 106 Grade B steels used in deep exploration drilling Sk. Abdul Khadeer, P. Ramesh Babu, B. Ravi Kumar, A. Seshu Kumar Journal of Manufacturing Processes 56 (2020) 197–205 3. Strength–Ductility Trade-Off in Dual-Phase Steel Tailored via Controlled Phase Transformation Ashok K. Srivastava, Nand K. Patel, B. Ravi Kumar, Ashutosh Sharma, and Byungmin Ahn Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 29 (2020) 2783 4. Correlation between Lüders band formation and precipitation kinetics behaviour during the industrial processing of interstitial free high strength steels Gurpreet Singh, Tarun Nanda, Sk. Jabed Miadad, Nemai Chandra Gorain, T. Venugopalan, B. Ravi Kumar Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering 19 ( 2 0 1 9 ) 4 6 9 – 4 8 3 5. In situ investigations of microstructural changes during tensile deformation of AISI 304L stainless steels Navjot Singh, Tarun Nanda, B. Ravi Kumar, Swapan Kumar Das, Vishal Singh Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering 1 9 ( 2 0 1 9 ) 6 7 2 – 6 7 9 6. Importance of Martensite Spatial Distribution at Large Volume Fractions in Imparting Ductility in High-Strength Dual-Phase Steel Nand Kumar Patel, Mahesh Gulab Walunj, and B. Ravi Kumar Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 28 (2019) 1391 7. Annealing twin evolution in the grain-growth stagnant austenitic stainless steel microstructure Debasis Poddara, Arnab Chakraborty, B. Ravi Kumar Materials Characterization 155 (2019) 109791 8. Influence of annealing texture on dynamic tensile deformation characteristics of Dual phase steel Manashi Adhikary, Arnab Chakraborty, Anindya Das, Venugopalan T, Ravi Kumar B Materials Science & Engineering A 736 (2018) 209–218 9. Impact of Martensite Spatial Distribution on Quasi-Static and Dynamic Deformation Behavior of Dual-Phase Steel Manpreet Singh, Anindya Das, T. Venugopalan, K. Mukherjee, Mahesh Walunj, Tarun Nanda, and B. Ravi Kumar Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 49 (2018) 463 10. Effects of concurrent strain induced martensite formation on tensile and texture properties of 304L stainless steel of varying grain size distribution Sailaja Sharma, B. Ravi Kumar, B.P. Kashyap, N. Prabhu Materials Science & Engineering A, 725 (2018) 215–227 11. Effect of stored strain energy heterogeneity on microstructure evolution of 90% cold rolled AISI 304L stainless steel during interrupted annealing treatment Sailaja Sharma, B. Ravi Kumar, B.P. Kashyap, N. Prabhu Materials Characterization, 140 (2018) 72–85 12. Ferrite channel effect on ductility and strain hardenability of ultra high strength dual phase steel B. Ravi Kumar, N. K. Patel, K. Mukherjee, Mahesh Walunj, G. K. Mandal, T. Venugopalan Materials Science & Engineering A, 685 (2017) 187-193 13. A Simplified Micromechanical Modeling Approach to Predict the Tensile Flow Curve Behavior of Dual-Phase Steels Tarun Nanda, B. Ravi Kumar, Vishal Singh Jr of Materials Engineering and Performance, 26 (2017) 5180–5187 14. Role of recrystallization and pearlite dissolution in industrial processing of DP590 steels Virender Singh, Manashi Adhikary, T. Venugopalan, A. Chakraborty, T. Nanda & B. Ravi Kumar Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 32 (2017) 1806–1816 15. Effect of inter-critical annealing parameters on ferrite recrystallization and austenite formation in DP 590 steel M Mittal, Tarun Nanda, B. Ravi Kumar, Vishal Singh Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 32 (2017) 1231–1238 16. Effect of ferrite-martensite interface morphology on bake hardening response of DP590 steel A. Chakrabortyb, M. Adhikary, T. Venugopalan, V. Singh, T. Nanda, B. Ravi Kumar Materials Science & Engineering A, 676 (2016) 463-473 17. A simulation study of pearlite-to-austenite transformation kinetics in rapidly heated Hot-rolled low carbon steel Sandeep Sharma Tarun Nanda, Manashi Adhikary, T. Venugopalan, B. Ravi Kumar Materials and Design, 107 (2016) 65-73 18. Controlled phase transformation simulations to design microstructure for tailored mechanical properties in steel Surinder Singh, Tarun Nanda, B. Ravi Kumar & Vishal Singh, Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 31 (2016) 2064–2075 19. Effect of Isothermal Annealing on Microstructural Morphology of Martensite in a Super-Martensitic Stainless Steel Subjected to Different Prior Conditions Tarun Nanda, B. Ravi Kumar & Jasdeep Bhinder Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 31 (2016) 995-1003 20. Quantitative Estimation of Mineral Phases from Chemical Assays and Powder X-Ray Diffraction Rietveld Analysis: A Case Study on Selective Flocculation of Iron Ore Slimes Venugopal Tammishetti, Beena Rai, B. Ravi Kumar, Rakesh Kumar, Pradip Trans Indian Inst Met., 69 (2016) 125-133 21. Ultrafine grained microstructure tailoring in austenitic stainless steel for enhanced plasticity B. Ravi Kumar, Sailaja Sharma, B.P. Kashyap, N. Prabhu Materials and Design, 68 (2015) 63–71 22. Isothermal high temperature low cycle fatigue behavior of Nimonic-263:Influence of type I and type II hot corrosion J.K. Sahu, B. Ravi Kumar, S.K.Das, N. Paulose, S.L. Mannan , Materials Science & Engineering A, 622 (2015) 131–138
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No.of.Patents :   1. A Process for producing Goss Texture in Fe-3.2Si Electrical Steel Sheets, (2016) B. Ravi Kumar, Krishnendu Mukherjee, A.P. Murugesan, Tipu Kumar, R.K. Minz, D.P. Singh, M.M. Humane, V.C. Srivastava : Patent Application No. 0233NF2015 2. An improved process for producing acquired aluminum nitride inhibitor precipitation in Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Steel, (2016) B. Ravi Kumar , Krishnendu Mukherjee (2016): Patent Application No. 0008NF2016. 3. A new hot-rolling method in fully ferritic region for preparing hot-band to produce CRGO steel, (2016) Krishnendu Mukherjee & B. Ravi Kumar & Tata Steel Ltd. (2016): Patent Application No. 201631000980. 4. A process for producing Goss nuclei in hot-band of Fe-3.2Si CRGO steel from thin slab cast with C as low as 0.03% and AlN as single grain growth inhibitor, (2016). Krishnendu Mukherjee & B. Ravi Kumar & Tata Steel Ltd., Patent Application No. : 0483/2016/IN. 5. An improved annealing simulator device, S K Mandal, B Ravi Kumar, R K Sharma, N Halder, & Tata Steel (2013): Patent Application Number 0218NF2013/IN. 6. An improved Rayleigh wave ultrasound based technique for detection of cause of residual stress on HSS rolls. Palit Sagar, B Ravi Kumar, GVS Murthy, Avijit Kr. Metya, Amit Prakash and B. Mahato & Tata Steel (2013): Patent Application No. 0247NF2013/IN. 7. A cold chamber for an annealing simulator, B Ravi Kumar, S K Mandal, N Halder, R K Sharma, & Tata Steel Ltd.. (2014): Patent Application No. 0644DEL2006, 10/3/2006.
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Equipment/Software Skills :   X-ray Diffraction, Electron Microscopy

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