Mr. Sumanta Bagui
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Name :   Mr.Sumanta Bagui
Designation :   Principal Scientist
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Educational Qualification :   B.Tech , M.Tech
Areas of Expertise :   Creep, Creep crack growth, Creep fatigue, Materials deformation
No. of Papers Published :   9
  • International :   1. Creep Behavior of As-Cast Mg-10 wt.%Sn and Mg-10 wt.%Sn-3 wt.%Al-1 wt.%Zn Alloys: A Comparative Study: Sumanta Bagui, A.P. Murugesan, and Palash Poddar: Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, Volume 28, Issue 12, 2019, Pages 7616-7628. DOI: Accelerated creep behavior of Nb and Cu added 18Cr-8Ni austenitic stainless steel: Sumanta Bagui, Kinkar Laha, Rahul Mitra and Soumitra Tarafder: Mater. Res. Express 5 (2018) 116515. DOI: Microstructural features of Mg-8%Sn alloy and its correlation with mechanical properties: Palash Poddar, Ashok Kamaraj, A.P. Murugesan, Sumanta Bagui, K.L. Sahoo; Journal of Magnesium and Alloys: Volume 5, Issue 3, 2017, Pages 348–354.4. Experimental investigation on microstructure and mechanical properties of gravity-die-cast magnesium alloys : Palash Poddar, Sumanta Bagui, K. Ashok, A.P. Murugesan: Journal of Alloys and Compounds: Volume 695, 25 February 2017, Pages 895–908.5. Modeling and measurements of intermixing time in a water model of a four strand steelmaking tundish system : A. Muralikrishna, S. Bagui, Dipak Mazumdar: Transactions of Indian Institute of Metals : Volume 66, Issue 3, June 2013, pp. 281-295.6. Influence of saline environment on creep rupture life of Nimonic-263 for marine turbine application : S Bagui, A K Ray, J K Sahu, N Parida, J Swaminathan, M Tamilselvi, S L Mannan : Materials Science and Engineering A : 566, 2013, page: 54-60.7. Damage assessment of service exposed reactor and distillation column materials of a petrochemical industry : Nilima Roy, Krishna Guguloth, Sumanta Bagui, Yogendra Nath Tiwary, Ashok Kumar Ray: Engineering Failure Analysis: 28, 2013, page: 289-301.8. Creep characterization and damage assessment of long term service exposed P-22 grade of steel: N. Roy, S. Bagui, J.K. Sahu, A.K. Ray: Materials Science and Engineering A : 560, 2013, page: 802–810.9. Remnant Life Assessment and Microstructural Studies on Service Exposed Primary Reformer Tubes of a Catalytic Converter of an Ammonia Plant: Krishna Guguloth, Jaganathan Swaminathan, Sumanta Bagui and Ashok Kumar Ray: High Temperature Materials and Processes: Vol. 31, 2012, Page: 759-767.
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